Athens Mall Bombing Raises Terrorism Stakes

mall350The detonation of a bomb at the Athens Mall, the country’s largest shopping center may have been the work of at least four people and has raised fears that terrorism is escalating in the wake of more austerity measures being imposed and a government crackdown on the use of abandoned buildings by Leftist and Anarchist groups believed to be staging areas to carry out violence, authorities said.

Greek police said that CCTV footage from The Mall in Maroussi suggests that the bomb attack was well-coordinated. According to reports, officers have identified four people wearing hoods or baseball caps who are thought to have left the bomb in a newspaper stand. Police believe that as many as eight people in total may have taken part in the attack.

Remnants of a pressure cooker were found in the wreckage created by the bomb, which is thought to have contained ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO) and gelignite. The urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire has carried out attacks using pressure cookers to construct explosive devices in the past but authorities are not making any direct connections at this point. Last year, a bomb was found on a subway car that was not in service but was removed before it could go off.

The major opposition Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) party that is vehemently opposed to the pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions being imposed on the orders of international lenders said the government is trying to distract attention from austerity and growing scandals, including the so-called Lagarde List of 2,062 Greeks with $1.95 billion in secret Swiss bank accounts that still haven’t been checked for possible tax evasion.

“The government is entering a period of new internal instability with the Lagarde list scandal,” SYRIZA spokesman Yiannis Bournous said. “That’s exactly the reason why they chose to organize these raids, to divert people’s attention.” The government denies that accusation, and has accused SYRIZA of sympathizing with leftist radicals.

“The question should not be why are we suddenly moving now,” said a senior official with knowledge of the government’s strategy, who spoke to the newspaper Kathimerini on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly. “It’s why past governments have not stopped lawlessness from spreading.”



  1. Terrorism is nothing new for left wing extremists.
    The anti-hellenic conglomeration of stalinists-maoists-leninists-trotskyists-marxists, known as SYRIZA, has long since been riddled with violent anarchists who regularly bomb, shoot, & randomly murder innocent citizens. On may 5th 2010, left wing anarchists burned down the Marfin Egnatia bank in Athens, killing 3 bank employees, one of whom was pregnant. A few weeks ago these left wing extremists used military grade high explosives to demolish the Athens offices of the Golden Dawn political party.

  2.  Exactly. Despite how leftist media has become obsessed with relatively small GD, the reality is there is far far more leftwing violent extremism than rightwing in Greece. No small number of far leftist extremists are so extremely anti-nationalist they are effectively racist against Greeks (also see Greek civil war where communists ended up murdering thousands of Greeks for communist mass murderers Stalin Tito, communist tyranny, and IMRO. )

    Communism is an evil ideology that was stamped out in the rest of the world but unfortunately has seen growth recently in Greece due to a combination of poverty and irresponsible extreme anti-government rhetoric by leftist media and politicians who encourage a class warfare mentality. These leftists constantly portray the poor as all victims and rich as all crooks. (typically communist propaganda)

  3. Indeed, the coalition of the radical left “SYRIZA”, which is a loosely unified group of stalinists, marxists, leninists, trotskyists & maoists, support the communist ideology that led to the stalinist purges which saw the entire Greek population of the Soviet Union, 170000 Greek men, women & children were deported to Siberia, where countless thousands of them died. These stalinist purges were so ruthless that the entire Greek population of the caucasus, was arrested by Stalins secret police on the night of 14/15 June 1949, & sent to Siberian gulags.

  4. Today communist fanatics frame the atrocities they committed against the Greek people for the sake of foreign ultra nationalists and their communist cult as “human rights”. Given a chance their beliefs effectively will turn us into the next communist Yugoslavia. (i.e. there will be no Greece left)

    What many Greeks don’t understand is the identity and loyalities of most communists is not towards Greece and the Greek people. It is towards their communist ideology.

    Many far leftists are extreme anti-natioanlists. They frame any sort of attempt to protect our borders or Greek identity as “fascism” and “racism”. This is effectively a call to exterminate the Greek people.

  5. Only in Greece you can have terrorist organizations for three decades and nobody gets arrested.

    We can’t handle our finances  we go begging and scheming for money, we can’t stop terrorism……the entire world is laughing at us, including their pets. 

  6. Why cant SYRIZA condemm ALL Violence. They have yet to do so. These guys have the potential to plunge us in a civil war!!!

  7. You nailed it.

    While alleged moderate leftists complain about GD, the reality is there are is far far more far leftist violence in Greece (not even close actually). Many of the communist thugs that support Syriza quietly encourage violence and revolution in Greece while claiming to stand for “democracy” and “against corruption”. 


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