Athens Metro Calls New 24h Strike

    metro-athens-300x211Athens will be without metro services throughout the day on Monday after metro workers voted to extend strike action by another 24 hours on Sunday.
    The strike, which began on Thursday, was called in protest against government plans to extend the uniform public-sector wage scale to metro staff and thus automatically abolish the previous collective labour agreement, AMNA reported.
    Moreover, ISAP electric train and tram will hold a work stoppage on Monday from 8:00-16:00.
    On Tuesday, metro, ISAP electric train and tram will hold a work stoppage from 12 noon until 4 in the afternoon.
    The Athens Metro employees union did not rule out the prospect to continue their mobilisations with more 24-hour repetitive strikes.
    (source: AMNA, Capital)




    2. With all these strikes who would want to travel to Greece either for pleasure or business??? These strikes ravaged the country’s economy…The government should take action against strikers…

    3. Currently in Athens and getting about has been a nightmare over the past few days. This is my third visit in four years and will be my final one too.

    4.  I agree Maverick. These constant strikes by our leftist unions disrupt our economy and needlessly create political instability. They know our government has no money yet they selfishly choose to put their pocketbooks ahead of the needs of our country.

      Where it up to me, when it comes to essential services I would tell any governments unions that if they excessively strike that they ill be fired from their jobs and banned from having another government job (as Reagan did to Aircraft controller union in the US). There are plenty of unemployed Greeks that would happily take their low skilled jobs.

    5.  I don’t blame you.  This constant labour disruption is what happens when leftist unions get out of control. Not all leftists are bad people but Greece isn’t like the US. Left and right can mean different things in different countries.

      Most of the Greek left is very far to the left. Nearly 30% of our population believes communist extremism is reasonable with another 20-30 percent that are sympathetic to far left socialism. Only about 10-20% are moderate leftists.

      Much of our population believes our government is there to provide them money and a job. Rather than focus on personal production, they focus on excessively ranting against corruption as a method to mask their own over reliance on government handouts. The fact is even with the government debt mess and corruption, most of the poor in Greece are poor because of their own incompetence. Smooth talking leftist politicians flatter poor voters into thinking they are “victims” and offer them free things in exchange for their vote. (i.e. effectively a bribe)

    6. The elitist political class has robbed Greece blind and they and their cronies refuse to pay their fair share of tax. This corruption and cronyism has killed Greece and still they target ordinary citizens instead of themselves and their cronies. What about the Lagarde list? Too corrupt and self serving to hunt down the cheats and evaders. General population too easy a target. Don’t see any MPs or ministers starving. I’m surprised there isn’t full scale uprising and overthrow of the government.

    7. There is no clean lines of corruption between rich and poor as leftists fantasize.s Some of the rich and government are corrupt not all. The reality is far more of the poor and middle class are corrupt in Greece (not to mention incompetent and higher probabiliy of being lazy).

      The leftist dominated have been holding our economy hostage for decades with constant strikes and riots for more money. It is a large factor as to why our government is so bloated and today. Had these cuts been made 10 years ago, we would never would have had to go throw this mess. The socialist under Papandreou won the election claiming “There is money”! Now that Pasok is behaving more economically responsibly and realizing that we cannot spend more than we have… many of their parasite supporters moved on to extremists like communist Syriza.

      Rather than focus on personal production and taking pride in their own labours, they focus on begging for handouts. It’s disgusting.


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