Athens Ceremony to Honor Poet Dimoula

dimoulaAthens Concert Hall will honor the poet Kiki Dimoula in a ceremony on Jan. 29. The event will be held on the occasion of the publication of Dimoula’s anthology, Alchemist of Speech, translated by Cecile Inglessi-Margellos.

The anthology entitled The Brazen Plagiarist, published by Margellos World Republic of Letters (MWRL) of Yale University Press, translated into English by Margellos and the American poet Rica Leser, is a three-year project aimed at promoting Dimoula’s work internationally. It was featured in a story, “The dark vision of the Greek poet,” on the front page of the International Herald Tribune.

Dimoula will give a speech concerning the “migration” of poetry in the English language, while some clips of George Sgourakis’ show The Monogram will be screened as well. Poems will be recited in English and in Greek (recited) by the actresses Catherine Didaskalou and Marina Psaltis. Songs, accompanied by a piano, will be played and the audience will hear comments on Dimoula’s poetry by Christos Papageorgiou. The admission to the event is free. It will be screened live on the National Network of Research and Technology.


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