Harbor of Zakynthos Being Rebuilt

    limani_zakunthouΤhe Port Authority of Zakynthos is going to get 130,000 euros ($175,000) from the Ministry for Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks, to carry out works at the port.

    From the total amount, 80,000 euros will be used for the cavitation restore of the pier of St. Nicholas, while the amount of 50,000 for the maintenance of the iron pier where the cruise ships moor. he authority said the work is critical for reconstruction of the harbor.

    This is a key project which officials said is necessary for tourism as the island is one of the most popular in Greece, particularly with young British visitors who have developed a reputation for rowdyism. The Port Authority has submitted to the Ministry of Mercantile Marine datasheets of three more projects the port needs for its reconstruction to be completed.



    1. Transport hubs are important but we shouldn’t be focusing on low skilled low paying tourism as much. We need to improve our competitiveness on international markets to create an export industry.

      There are only two ways to do that. Lower wages to third world levels like places like China do…. or increase productivity by learning to leverage and innovate with technology. Clearly the latter is the ideal but this requires a principled long term approach rather than just short term.  Unless effort is spent in the direction of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering, and other scientific and technology related areas we will remain a second rate economy with second rate standard of living. There are no shortcuts to prosperity.

      As Greeks, we should now most of all the importance of these fields. Ancient Greeks are world renown for their genius in these areas. For as long as we do not behave as Greeks, we will be treated as inferiors and imposters like the Skopians.. They will never accept as “real” Greeks unless we excel in these areas.

    2. The Greek way of life has changed from questioning our existence to Zorba-style not-giving-a-s**t.


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