Message in a Bottle

    mpoukali2512013An incredible surprise was awaiting a man on the island of Kefalonia on Jan. 24, on his ride to Vlicha beach in Skala.

    He found a bottle stranded by the waves, and picked it up to throw it in the trash. He noticed, however, that the bottle contained something like a wrapped paper. He broke it, and to his great surprise found a letter with a message dating back to 1990.

    So what’s the story? Regina Exius on New Year’s Eve of 1990, cruised off from Crete to North Africa. She then got a bottle of wine, put the ship’s card inside and wrote: “If you find my message, answer me.”



    1. Why does this story stop half way through? Was this a student writing project and half it went missing? What is the point? Christ, get some real journalists!!

    2. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO?? did someone fall asleep midway this article??? talk about falling off a cliff…. 


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