Weber’s Greek Series A Long Lens

assets_LARGE_t_942_43477688_type12128When back in the mid-1980’s, the Swiss photographer Charles Weber visited Greece for vacation, he would have never imagined that this country would actually become his second home.

Tooday, the 66 year-old photographer, has been living and working in the village Aghios Syllas at Herakleion in Crete, for more than three decades, along with his wife Kira.

The Benaki Museum, from Jan. 29-March 29  is hosting a photo exhibition of the Swiss photographer. Weber’s works present his photographic journey in his second homeland through approximately 150 photographs, divided into seven chapters.

His exhibition goes under the name  The Greek Series and presents his photographic progress in Greece. His themes deal with people, landscapes, objects and compositions from Greek everyday life. They reflect tenderness, spontaneity, order and love of place and of the local people.

“The common element which connects the seemingly unlinked seven chapters of those photographs is of course Greece. It is, however, his need to highlight our country’s beauty, even where the last one is not obvious … ” said Georgia Imsiridou, of the Photographic Archive of the Benaki Museum.


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