Erdogan Critical of Greek-appointed Muftis

    mosqueTurkish Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized the appointment of senior religious authorities for the Muslim minority in Thrace by the Greek state, a day after meeting with his Greek counterpart, Antonis Samaras, in Qatar, when Erdogan said Turkey would pay for construction of a mosque in Athens.

    “The appointment of muftis has increased tension in the region,” Erdogan told members of his Justice and Development Party. “We asked the Greek government to show greater sensitivity over minority issues. Such a mistake … is unacceptable,” he said, according to the newspaper Kathimerini.

    Ankara has in the past backed its own muftis that are not recognized by the Greek state. An amendment passed earlier this month allows the Greek state to appoint imams to state schools and mosques in Thrace. Muslims in Greece have long been critical that the government hasn’t built them a mosque and they instead have to hold their prayer sessions in makeshift areas, including basements.


    1. Anti-Hellenic fanatic Erdogen… who actively lobbies on behalf of the Skopians (i.e. he colludes in their attempts to delete our very identity and irredentism)… is not in a position to lecture anyone on morality

    2. Since Erdogen using FYROM as a proxy against Greece…, the Greek government should be helping Kurdish self-determination in Turkey. Since Mr. Erdogen interferes with internal Greek affairs and aligns himself with IMRO who are once again trying to ethnically erase the Greek people, we in turn should return in like.

      United Kurdistan. Kurdistan for the Kurds. Free the oppressed Kurdish minority in Turkish occupied Kurdistan.

    3. Crypto-fascist Erdogen is funny lecturing others about minorities.

      “While the Republic of Turkey, following the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne, recognizes Armenians, Greeks and Jews as ethnic minorities, this legal status is not granted the Kurds, which constitute the largest minority by a wide margin (18%), nor any of the other minorities in the country.”

    4. We need to takeover Bati Trakya and Makedonya, before Χρυσή Αυγή takes over. They can have “real greece”.

    5. As long as the Greek Orthodox Church continues to demand rights to have monastaries and churches in Turkey then we can only expect the Turks to make these demands on us. Maybe it’s  time we withdrew all Greek Orthodox churches and monastaries from Turkey and start training our priests on Greek soil.
      It is somewhat hipocritical of us to make our religious demands on Turkey and not reciprocate. 

    6. Turks are free to leave Constantinople, Smyrna, Pontus, North Kurdistan and Western Armenia if they care so much about Human rights.


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