Resistance Fighter Aerakis Passes Away

DarolefterisLefteris Aerakis, also known as Ntarolefteris, has died at 93. He was one of the last living Cretans who  fought in the resistance of Crete against Germans.

His peak was the battle in Sfakaki, when, together with seven other fighters of the Greek People’s Liberation Army, ELAS, they released 98 women and children who were held hostages by the Nazis. That led to the Nazi destruction of Anogia in retaliation.

Ntarolefteris his spent his life as a selfless fighter and enjoyed everyone’s respect. He was described as a man with passion for life and love for his family, for which he learned to use the new technologies, such as Skype.

“I have no idea of how to use a computer. At first it was very difficult for me to learn, though now I can talk with my children and grandchildren in Greece and abroad … ” he told the journal Ethnos. His son, George, who who taught him to use the Internet, is the current Deputy Mayor of Heraklion. Aerakis’ funeral was held in Anogia, attended by local authorities as well as many other people who wanted to honor the eminent Cretan resistance fighter.


  1. Communist Soviet Union also fought Nazis…. after first “generously” spliting Poland with Nazis. Never forget that comrade Stalin was nearly as a prolific a mass murder as Hitler. Millions of people in the Soviet Union were either killed, tortured or sent to gulags for the sake of communist fanaticism.

    Today in Greece our communists try to portray themselves as “human rights” activists.  (see fanatics in Syriza that encourage violence and lawlessness in Greece)

  2. Alex,

    I gather that your grand daddy recited the Security Battallions oath to you every night before putting you to bed

    (According to references, recruits to the Security battalion were under the following oath):

    “I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will obey absolutely the orders of the Supreme Commander of the German Army, Adolf Hitler. I will with loyal dedication perform my duties and obey without condition the orders of my superiors. I fully acknowledge that any objection to the obligations hereby accepted will lead to my punishment by the German Military Authorities”.

    RIP Leftaris the true ELAS…

  3. Yawn. You have ZERO moral credibity Skopian. In Greece you support communists but in your own country you vote for ultra right wing Gruevski (who is trying to usurp our very identity and encourages fanatics like you to see yourselves as “ethnic macedonians” and 1/3 of our country as occuped)

    I am glad you post here manipulator. It makes it more obvious how dishonest and a very real threat you Skopians are. Keep posting dear.

  4. Hey Miss Bulgarian… what did your government representives used to mean by these words?

    “The creation
    of the Macedonian nation, for almost half of a century, was done in a condition
    of single-party dictatorship. In those times, there was no difference between
    science and ideology, so the “Macedonian” historiography, unopposed by anybody,
    comfortably performed a selection of the historic material from which the
    “Macedonian” identity was created. There is nothing atypical here for the
    process of the creation of any modern nation, except when falsification from
    the type of substitution of the word “Bulgarian” with the word “Macedonian”
    were made.” (Denko Maleski, former Minister of foreign affairs of FYROM
    from 1991 to 1993 in an interview to FYROM newspaper Utrinski Vesnik)

  5.  I gather your granddaddy was either IMRO Nazi or communist scum that MURDERED thousands of Greeks in an atttempt to annex 1/3 of our country and delete our very identity.

    Why do you now pretend to be related to ancient macedonians? Are you ashamed of your ethnic Bulgarian heritage?


    ‘We are not related
    to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the
    Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’
    – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper,
    February 24 1999


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