Greek Seamen’s Strike Rolls On

ferry-strike-300x137Striking Greek marine workers said they will continue their walk-out until Feb. 6, further testing the resolve of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to force them to return to work as he did by sending riot police in to break up a Metro workers’ strike last month.

The executive committee of the Panhellenic Nautical Federation decided unanimously for a new 48-hour strike after its workers had already refused to work the previous three days, closing down boat service and keeping ships tied in port. They will decide on Feb. 6 whether to continue their strike longer.

The union’s General Secretary, Yiannis Halas, in a statement to the Greek news AMNA, called on the government to accept its demands to roll back reforms that could force the layoffs of many seamen. The President of the Panhellenic Union of Sailors of the Commercial Navy (PENEN) Andonis Dalakogiorgos, in a statement complained about the government’s rigid stance and said the pending law would lead to thousands of positions being abolished for seamen. The government said that ships don’t need as many sailors or workers during winter months.

Members of Parliament from the PASOK Socialists responsible for maritime issues Nikos Sifounakis and Costas Triantiafyllou said the draft law needs to be revised. The party is one of Samaras’ coalition partners. The government also wants to establish separate contracts for lower-grade positions on seagoing vessels.


  1. This article makes a major factual error. Unlike the metro workers, most Marine workers are not employees of the government for it force them back to work by threatening to fire them.  They are mostly private sector employees. The main responsibility of government in this instance is just to make
    sure they aren’t striking in a manner that causes disruptions towards
    others. (e.g. trespassing, blocking roads, rioting… as is so typically
    of communist “peaceful protests”)

    The dispute is over changes in law that protect of the rights to employers. Manipulative complaints by leftists that “the pending law would lead to thousands of positions being abolished for seamen”… is like essentially bizarrely arguing that employers should be forced to pay for employees they don’t need??? (which amounts to more blackmail by our communist dominated unions)

    Someone certainly has a right to put their personal greed ahead of their
    country and strike. Someone can choose to abuse collective bargaining to make ridiculous demands that harm our businesses.  However, employers should equally have the right to fire employees that are unproductive. If any employee is unhappy with their pay and benefits, nothing stops them from quiting their job and moving on to another employer or starting their own business. Our businesses are in the business of trying to make money not lose it. Lean businesses are the ones that are sustainable. The ones that aren’t eventually cease to exist.

  2. Some actual facts about how some of these unions have been infiltrated by communist extremists who both resort to hyperbole and outright lies to push their extremist far leftist agenda (frankly some of them are such extreme anti-nationalists they are bizarrely effectively racists towards Greeks)

    A perfect example of the anti-business commie extremist these unions promote can be found at multi-union PAME. I quote from their website….
    “PAME fights with no ambivalence for the Unification and Unity of the WorkingClass.
    It aims at the gathering and activating of more and more workers and
    young employees to the class-oriented, fighting path, to the path of
    conflict against capitalist forces, against the anti-peoples policies.
    It pursues common, coordinated struggle of workers in the private
    sector, the public sector and former DECO(Public Enterprises of Common
    Welfare). It pursues common struggle no matter if the workers are Greek
    on migrants. Only on this basis, the basis of class struggle, the basis
    of the fight to abolish the exploitation of man, can the Unity of the
    Working Class become stronger. The Unity, which employers’- governmental
    unions talk about, is unity in submission, in acceptance of the
    strategies of the opponents of the Working Class; it is a caricature of

    And for any Greeks that oppose illegal violation of our borders…. these communist fanatics wildly support them.


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