Actor Kimoulis Arrested For Tax Debt

kimoulisWell-known actor George Kimoulis, after reportedly hiding and trying to avoid arrest for not paying 200,000 euros ($279,000) in taxes was taken in custody by police after appearing in a play and complained he was the victim of a “public humiliation.”

“It is savage rape when somebody is forced to bring his private matters into the open,” he said. The courts had issued an arrest warrant for him when he couldn’t be found by authorities who went to his home and theater initially.

The newspaper Democracy said he had not contacted tax officials until Feb. 1 and was reportedly trying to raise the money to pay what he owes. In 1986 he established the Contemporary Theatre of Athens. In 1996 he founded a Drama School which operates under the supervision of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. He is a member of the Greek Actors Union where he has previously served as Vice President. He is also a member of the Greek Playwriters Guild.




  1. “He is a member of the Greek Actors Union where he has previously served as Vice President”

    i.e. Leftist unionist…. that secretly cheated on his taxes.

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