Turkish Investors Eye Greek Ferry Companies

xiosJust as Greek seamen were ordered back to work after a six-day strike and the government is reconfiguring how many workers are needed on ships, Turkish investors are reportedly interested in Greek ferry companies and launching new routes from Turkey to the Aegean.

According to Capital.gr, it’s only a matter of time until the announcement of the deals with smaller Greek companies. “The investors right now are eyeing medium and small Greek businesses” a source who declined to be named

There are regular ferryboat connections from Greek Islands to ports of Turkey. From Rhodes Island to to Marmaras and Bodrum, from Samos and Kos to Kusadasi, From Chios to Cesme and from Lesvos to Foca (Izmir).

In January, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said that is considering extending a loan of up to 33 million euros ($44.7 million) to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The proceeds will be used for the acquisition of three vehicle ferries, construction of new ferry wharves, and the construction of a repair facility.

The project will allow Izmir to increase the use of sea transport in its integrated public transport system – a cleaner and faster alternative to traveling by car on congested roads.


  1. What?!  The ‘Government of Connivance’ here in Greece is buying weapons and armaments from Germany and Brussels in order to fight off Turkey, yet at the same time is now selling them Greek Ferry Companies to Turks? — Go figure! — Makes no sense at all just like everything here! 

    By the way, WHY hasn’t Akis Tzahadsopolous been tried yet after a year waiting in jail (if he really is in jail) ?? Ha!  I doubt it anyway knowing how this corrupt coalition government works! 
    There is no Justice System in Greece.

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  12. Dont worry Alex, The Vardaskians will be uspurped by the 1/3 Albanians in their own contry in afew generations. See Kosovo for a real life example.

  13. Why would a Turk benefit more from the ferry business than a Greek? These aren’t sate-owned are they?

  14. All the nationalists are stupid. Including ours (Turks). But Greek nationalists are the best.
    You have robbed and plundered your own country for decades and you’re still blaming others (Turks, Germans etc.) You never criticise yourself or never work to getter better. Turkey had a far worse crisis in 2001 comparing to yours, but as a difference, we kicked away all the stupid nationalists away from power and worked very hard to stop the crisis. Get a life, stop whining and start working.
    Nobody in Turkey would have any problem if a Greek investor took over any facility in Turkey. With a ultra-fascist mentality like this, you are destined to lose the war of economy and be colonised like Iraq.

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