Alopekis Dog Faces Danger of Extinction

    alopekisAlopekis, a Greek small dog breed which has existed since ancient times, is in danger of dying out. A researcher who is also a veterinarian, Spyros Chliounakis, said a survey from February 2005 to September 2012 found only 58 of the dogs are left. This survey’s results were presented within the context of the Zootechnia 2013 exhibition held in Thessaloniki and showed that if nothing happens to protect this dog breed, it will soon disappear.

    According to Sarahsdog website, Alopekis is a small dog with fox-like features. This dog the wedge shaped head and triangular pricked ears that are typical to a fox. This small breed has an elegantly curved tail and a beautiful glossy double coat that comes in different colors.

    This breed has always been the valued pet and companion of the Greek people even from the ancient times and up to these days. The Alopekis is a highly versatile breed. It can live in rural areas as well as in big cities.



    1. Great article. Defenseless animals, Gods pure creations, need good kind hearted people to stand up for their interests, & make efforts to save them from exploitation & extinction.
      The human species is the ultimate predator, & animal species will only survive via the efforts of animal rights activists.
      In 200 years, if the human species even survives that long without having been wiped out by a nuclear war or biochem warfare, the human species will look back at the human species of year 2013, and consider people from 2013 to have been ruthless, selfish, dumb, barbarians, who wiped out many animal species.

    2. What a beautiful dog. It would be a shame to lose such a precious species so closely related to our history.

    3.  And is GD also rescueing anminals abused by Greeks, or does it turn a blind eye to those?

    4. Dogs are not real animals – just like X.A. stealing African American music. Better cross this sweety with your leader. Wolves don’t bark.

    5. Hi. I own alopekis 🙂

      I am very happy with my alopekis. Pure positive energy. I would like to help for saving these breed.

      You can write me at

    6. so howcome they’re dying off if we can figure that out we might be able to protect them better

    7. If we can find the cause for endangerment, then maybe we can protect them way better. and they should stop preventing them from having puppies if they are. 🙁


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