Balkan Forum on Co-operation in Thessaloniki

    thesalonikiThe First Balkan Forum on Regional Co-operation in Thessaloniki wrapped up three days of work on Feb. 9. The forum was a platform for connecting multiple stakeholders and young leaders and for generating ideas and strategies to address key regional challenges and opportunities. The event was sponsored by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Foundation.

    It was a closed-door forum attended by political leaders from Balkans, representatives of NGOs and entrepreneurs. The former Prime Minister of Greece, George Papandreou, gave a greeting speech.

    The initiative said it was committed to fostering and assisting a growing network of individuals and organizations that will collaborate across borders and sectors to pursue shared regional development goals and to develop innovative solutions to shared regional problems.

    The objectives were threefold: to discuss common agendas and capture initial thoughts about possible frameworks of cooperation. 2) to examine the current situation in specific issue areas, identifying existing capabilities, assets, and constraints, as well as measures that need to be undertaken to fill gaps and push forward on regional initiatives 3) to generate ideas for collaborative initiatives – including initiatives that start small but will have real impact.



    1. i.e multiculturalism crap intended to delete our identity being pushed by anti-hellentic trolls that pretend not to notice Skopians behavior (why NGOs and leftists like Papandreou were there)

      Rockefeller Brothers Fund Foundation references FYROM as “macedonia” and also gives money to them. It manipilatively uses “huuman rights’ lingo to push this agenda.

      However when it comes to Israel… it changes tune and no longer wants multiculturalism. It supports a a negotiated two-state solution to the
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict because….

      “it is essential to the survival of Israel as
      the national home of the Jewish people.”

      (i.e. rbf are ultra nationalists that just manipulate words like “human rights” like the Skopians do)


      Honestly I’m beginning to think you are actually from Skopia yourself, and if you’re not you should be as it’s all you can ever think about.

    3. LMAO. You aren’t even Greek troll. You even tried to delete our Greek identity on this website.

      I especially love when agree with  Bobby V  (aka Alex Prime Minister of Greece, aka World Domination, aka Sam, aka alex2, aka K.Mitso.. .etc..etc..

      A.  you are Skopian yourself. (possibly even one more of Bobby V aliases)


      B. you are such a clueless dumb*ss you  have no idea whats going on around you.

      Which is it?

    4. NGOs?  Russia just kicked out every last one of them for all their political meddling.  Foreign agents have meddled enough with Greece especially those with ties to the banking cartel.

    5.  The Russian government finally wised up to these manipulative “human rights” lingo. If our government was smart it would do the same with any foreign funded NGO that excessively demonizes Greece either over Skopian issue or illegals.


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