Democratic Left Loses Another Defector

Andreas Nefeloudis has given up on the Democratic Left.
Andreas Nefeloudis has given up on the Democratic Left.

The tiny Democratic Left, one of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ coalition government partners with his New Democracy Conservatives and the PASOK Socialists, has lost another Member of Parliament who quit because he said it has betrayed its principles.

At a meeting of the party’s central committee in Athens, Andreas Nefeloudis said he was leaving Democratic Left because he felt it was no longer committed to creating a left-wing government. He was a member of the party’s executive committee.

“Our party is legitimizing the hardest neoliberal decisions that have been taken since the fall of the junta,” said Nefeloudis, according to the newspaper Kathimerini. “It would be dishonest of me to continue to be another voice of dissent within the party,”

Three MPs have left the party since it became part of the coalition government in June, taking its total number of MPs to 14. Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis, a former Communist, has since switched his party’s allegiance to backing Samaras’ conservatives and supporting waves of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions that are antithetical to the party’s platform.

Kouvelis insisted his party was right to give in to demands from Samaras and international lenders who insisted on austerity in return for bailouts. He said the era of one-party rule in Greece is over and all future governments would be hybrids of clashing principles who would have to compromise for the common good.



  1. “Kouvelis insisted his party was right to give in to demands from Samaras
    and international lenders who insisted on austerity in return for
    bailouts. He said the era of one-party rule in Greece is over and all
    future governments would be hybrids of clashing principles who would
    have to compromise for the common good.”

    Wise man that understands our country has needs that go beyond party allegiances.

  2. Mr. Kouvelis has proven himself to an old vain fool and dupe for the government, who seems to be basking in the Press “limelight” and whatever attention is given to this poor pathetic ‘nobody’ and is losing his MPs and small party-base daily because he is out of touch with reality and living in a fantasy of his own and only comes to life when the camera are turned on.

  3. Greek nationalists & in particular the nationalists from the Golden Dawn movement, will NEVER FORGET the treason of the Democratic Left leader, and former Communist Fotis Kouvelis, who sent an open letter to the media as well as the Olympic Committee, asking for them to exclude Voula Papahristou from the Olympic Games, over a mere Twitter comment.
    This is the comment by Greek Olympian Voula Papahristou:
    “With so many African people living in Greece, mosquitoes of the West Nile [virus] are eating home-made food”.
    This disgusting old communist “Kouvelis”, gave no thoughts to the years of hard training this girl had endured to represent her nation at the Olympics, & helped shatter her dreams over a twitter comment.
    When Golden Dawn takes power this old communist devil Kouvelis, & his entire family will pay for this callous treason. Their filthy treasonous bloodline shall be wiped from the earth. He will come to regret the day he destroyed this young patriotic girls dreams.

  4.  Sure buddy. Your name is “paul Johnston” and you are a PHd.

    Clearly your degree is in rocket science given you aligned yourself with the Skopian troller “Alex Prime Minister of Greece”

  5. Papahristou humanilating comments to Africans had no place at the Olympics. The spirit of the Olympics is about sports not politics. Even ancient Greeks used to put aside their wars between each other to compete.

    As for your comment that ” the filthy treasonous bloodline shall be wiped from the earth”. Going around threatening death of Greek MPs like some communists and anarchist extremists do only harms our country MSMlies. Its fine to feel betrayed by some Greeks (I myself am disgusted by communists and anarchists that collude with Skopians and illegals) but our anger should be directed foremost at the anti-Hellenic foreigners that support Skopians and illegals.

  6.  You called him out Alex….PHD wow!  Your comebacks are getting better and better.

  7. Hey Skopian… did you or did you not claim to be a Golden Dawn supporter with your “alex prime minister of Greece” handle?

     We are still waiting to see all your anti-communist and anti-Skopian posts Mr. Golden Dawn.

  8. MSmiles…when it comes to national security we need to direct our energies where it is best directed. Skopians and their appologists. These people are literally trying to delete our Greek identity and are in an unofficial war with us (I may not support GD but this is one area I give them credit for unstanding what is going on where our leftist morons are fantasizing their foreign comrades care about them)

    A perfect example isSkopian false flag Alex Prime Minister of Greece thats trolling me on this website (also has gone by other aliases Bobby V, World domination, sam, K. Mitsos, and a few others). He claims to be a Golden Dawn support… but if you google his posting history he makes essentially no posts condemning communists and Skopians. The primary reason he attacks me (and tis because I constantly attack the Skopians. He attacks the coalition government because he knows if they lose an election the communists will likely win.

  9. Someone that has voted for GD doesn’t need to comment on weather he likes Skopians or communists.  The coalition government is not for supporting the Greek people in Greece.  Greece has had many years of communist control from Pasok (socialism is communism) and ND is not far from that.  We need people in control that care ONLY about the country and its people.  The communists are not the way.  Buy having voted for GD, it speaks for itself. 

    Alex on the other hand, has never lived in Greece, and has no idea what the situation is here in Greece.  That is why myself and most of the other users on here attack him.  Because he is ignorant and clueless.  Whoever does not agree with him is a communist or Skopian.  Makes no sense!

  10. We are all still waiting to see your anti-communist and anti-Skopian posts. You are the only GD supporter in the world that doesn’t say anything negative about Skopians and allies of Skopians. Rather odd no?

  11. Repeating yourself? I don’t think you are a communist. I think you are a false flag Skopian. Your country is Vardar Yugoslavia troll.

    No GD supporter wouldn’t be heavily critical of Vardar or communists.

  12. If a lie was a drop of water you would be a river.  Why don’t you explain to everyone why you’ve changed so many handles on this forum,  and changed your politics so many times.

    Rather odd that you claim to be a GD supporter and consistly refuse to denouce communists and Skopians. No one believes you anymore Skopian.

  13.  I voted in the last North Korea for communist party election just like you voted in the Greek election for XA.

  14.  Of course what you say isn’t true..  That is what happens when someone is clueless like yourself.  They use wikipedia and don’t live the actual situation

  15. Who is we? I only see 50 emails from you asking.  I have not been asked by anyone else.

  16. Anyone following your posting history is “we’. When you use the term “us” on the other hand you are typically referencing the zillions of other handles you use here (aka Bobby V, Gino, Sam, world domination, K.Mitso, etc.. etc..)

  17. The point is Sherlock virtually every claim you make about yourself here is a lie. Given you are willing to lie about your Skopian background and troll this website under so many handles, you have no problem saying lie after lie.

  18. He Skopian pretending to be Greek GD supporter….. we are still waiting to see all your anti-Skopian posts? Also rather odd you were defending communists no?


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