Greek Rubbish Collectors Will Strike

strikeGreek rubbish collectors have called for a 48-hour strike on Feb. 14-15 and won’t make pickups as scheduled. They strike from time to time but return to work eventually. The strike has been called by the Panhellenic Federation of workers of all specializations in the Municipalities and local communities POE-OTA.

The union said it supports the mobilizations of those working in the social structures and has all municipal workers to take part in the strike and gather at 10 a.m. in Athens’ Klafthmonos Square.

Union officials said they are protesting government reforms and fear there could be layoffs as part of austerity measures being imposed on the orders of international lenders. They are also demanding the payment of overdue wages.



  1. Every other Greek seems to be striking these days. Everyone wants money. But where is this money is going to come from but other Greeks? What patriots.

  2. The country is bankrupt and these guys want to strike,..
    Wake up to yourselves…What planet are you on???  People are starving on the streets..Unemployment is at 50% for youth unemployeed…You are easily replaced…
    Are you for real???? Unbelievable????
    What you are asking for is for permanent employment to be abolished in Greece?????
    And you are giving the government the aminution to do so…

  3. I love the reek of Greek when piles of trash line up our streets. We should start charging tourists a ‘tourist tax’ to view our new sites, Mt Trashopoulos.

    Maybe our pride and dignity will be restored once we repay our debts!

  4. We all know the solutions….We have some of the great minds in parliament. What we need is the political will and unity.

    To all Greeks support Samaras as he is steering our country in the right direction. The reason reform is progressing slowly is due to barriers that militant left uniionst and “human rights” activists are providing..not because of a lack of strategic direction from the governement.

    We should focus our efforts in supporting the governement instead sympathising with traitors of the extreme left.


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