Greece Says No More Minimum Wage Cuts

ergatesGreece’s Finance and Labor Ministries authorities have insisted there are no plans to lower the minimum wage any further after a government official suggested that people being paid 586 euros ($788) a month – before taxes are being paid too much for menial jobs.

Speaking at an insurance conference in Athens, Finance Ministry General Secretary Giorgos Mergos, who receives a lavish salary, suggested that Greece should examine its minimum wage, which was reduced by 22 percent last year under pressure from international lenders, in bid to drive growth by offering employers cheaper labor.

Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis reacted by saying that the minimum wage would remain at its current levels until Greece completes its fiscal adjustment program, which is due to conclude in 2016. The Finance Ministry also said there was no question of the government tampering with the minimum wage.

The government’s swift denials regarding basic pay were not enough to stop the criticism from opposition parties. “He has admitted the coalition government’s real intentions, which is to reduce wages to the same level as Romania and Bulgaria,” said SYRIZA MP Dimitris Stratoulis, who added that a change in legislation last year allows the government to set the minimum wage from April 1, rather than for it to be the product of negotiations between unions and employers.


  1. Dear Alex,

    Marinaleda is a communist village much richer than the average village in Greece. There is no unemployment, no crime and no problems. The wage they all receive is 1200e per month, 2,5 times higher than the minimum in Greece. Mandragon is another successful example. You obviously do not know the taxing system in Greece. You also get taxed even if you have no income. But even if you have, 4,500e are not enough to self sustain for a year. So, what you propose is that people should be starving to pay their taxes? What about the rich who make millions?If you think you can make capital so easily, why don’t you come in Greece and try and make it? I am pretty sure though that you have never worked in you life otherwise you wouldn’t say this things. You either have never worked in your life or you were born rich.

  2.  And just because you dont’ agree with you doesn’t mean your opinion is right. There isn’t a single Golden Dawn supporter in the world that refuses to criticize Skopians and communists. If you claim to be knowledgable about Greek affairs you should know this. Rather than apologizing for the trollers you should be criticizing them. You have not defended Greece here. You have effectively defended Skopian false flags.

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  8. Your Marinaleda isnt’ a country. It is located in Spain which is NOT communist.  It is hardly rich as you try to portray it. You cannot provide a single example of successful communist country. Not one.

    “You either have never worked in your life or you were born rich.”

    In all likelihood I work much longer hours than you. Nor am I rich.

    I too can respond with personal attacks if you like. You support communism because you are essentially incompetent thieve that wraps up your looting in pretty words to make yourself feel better about it. You support this thievery not for others but because of your own personal greed and petty envy of the wealth of others.

    Now I would prefer a polite conversation but if you want to continue along those lines we can. Your choice.

  9.  Dear Skopian that pretends to be Greek Golden Dawn. supporter…. still waiting to see your anti-Skopian, anti-communist posts.

  10.   Dear Skopian that pretends to be Greek Golden Dawn. supporter…. still waiting to see your anti-Skopian, anti-communist posts.

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  16.  – let the government official try living on  586 euros a month then let’s hear what he/she has to say.


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