US Execs Face Greek Bribery Probe

Johnson & JohnsonFive business executives from the American firm Johnson & Johnson will come under investigation in Greece over allegations that a subsidiary company, DePuy, sold orthopedic equipment to Greek hospitals after bribing doctors.

The newspaper Kathimerini reported that that magistrate Spyros Georgouleas is to ask for the details of the suspects’ bank accounts as well as possible links to offshore companies that may have been used to pay an alleged $16-$18 million in bribes to eight Greek doctors and some hospital directors. The money was allegedly paid between 1998 and 2006.

In 2011, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $76.9 million dollars to US authorities to settle legal action regarding bribery in Greece, Poland, Romania and Iraq. Bribery is common in Greece in order to obtain lucrative contracts and is rarely prosecuted.


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