Greece Seeks EU Milk Money For Students

milk-glass-bottleAmid reports that many school children are going hungry, students will soon be able to join a European Union-subsidized program to provide milk to pupils on a daily basis, the newspaper Kathimerini reported.

Greek schools don’t provide lunches for students, who have to buy goods out of vending machines or at canteens out of their own pockets and many are unable to afford it as the government has cut salaries, raised taxes and slashed pensions, pushing 20 percent of the population into poverty.

Schools will be able to lodge their applications to join the program at the beginning of each academic year, according to the Agricultural Development and Food Ministry. The institutions whose participation is approved will have to keep an account of the quantity and price of the milk procured to ensure there is no profiteering, according to sources.

Last year, UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, said Greece’s economic crisis was so bad that it was especially affecting the young, who were at risk of malnutrition and psychological harm. A report drafted by UNICEF’s Greek committee and the University of Athens said that 439,000 children were living below the poverty line – underfed and in unhealthy – in families that represent 20.1% of Greek households.




  1. Once the Golden Dawn political party/movement takes power in Greece, all ILLEGAL Albanian immigrants residing in Greece, & the children of ILLEGAL Albanian immigrants(regardless of whether these children were born & raised in Greece) will be deported.

    Golden Dawn will enforce existing immigration laws and border controls, & protect Greece from the hordes of subhuman 3rd world illegal invaders, even if it means mining the border between Greece & Turkey.(given the well known Turkish tactic of funneling 3rd world immigrants to the border with Greece, & even helping them cross into Greece).

  2.  We need to get these Illegals all out!  The Bouleftes need to cut their own wages in order to provide food for these kids in poverty!  They can go from 8.000 euros a month each to 2.000 each,  (Before taxes).  If they cared about their citizens they would do it. but unfortunately they don’t!

  3. “Greek schools don’t provide lunches for students, who have to buy goods
    out of vending machines or at canteens out of their own pockets  ”

    And why should Greek schools provide lunches? Here I thought that was the parents job to do that. If some child’s parent can’t feed their own children and expect other families to do it they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. It is done in the US and across the rest of the world.  People here do not have money.  The government has fu*ked them and they can’t provide for their children you idiot.


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