SYRIZA Occupies Greek Finance Ministry Office

Giorgos Mergos
Giorgos Mergos

Angry over his statements that the Greek minimum wage is too high and should be further reduced despite a 22 percent previous cut, demonstrators took over the office of Finance Ministry General Secretary Giorgos Mergos on the morning of Feb. 14, media reports said.

They were identified as members of the youth organization of the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA,) which is opposed to ongoing austerity measures being imposed by the government.

Mergos later said his comments were misinterpreted and that he didn’t say what he said. The protesters didn’t buy the backing up. “The only answer to those who are planning to impose new measures designed to impoverish workers and young people is collective and defiant struggles to overturn the government and the memorandums,” they said in a statement. Riot police, the government’s tactic against protesters and strikers, were sent to the scene.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias ordered an administrative inquiry into allegations that two SYRIZA Members of Parliament were beaten up by police during an anti-austerity protest outside the finance ministry building. SYRIZA MPs Kostas Barkas and Vangelis Diamantopoulos claimed they were attacked by members of the MAT riot squad and would sue, Kathimerini reported.

SYRIZA issued a statement defending what it said was “a symbolic protest” against the government’s austerity drive and slamming alleged police violence. (The government) seems to think that by using force and state oppression against those who resist it will be able to ensure the continuation of the barbaric austerity policies of the memorandum,” the statement said.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said the protesters damaged Mergos’s office after storming the building and accused SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras of “duplicity.” Invading an office, stealing and damaging property, Kedikoglou said, “is perfectly in line with the strategy of tension that Tsipras purports to condemn.”

In an interview with BBC’s Paul Mason, Tsipras accused the Greek government of operating a strategy of “blackmail, terrorism and tension.” The Greek Communist Party (KKE) issued a statement expressing its support for SYRIZA’s protest.

Earlier, SYRIZA leaders said Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is intent on reducing wages to the level paid workers in Romania and Bulgaria. The storm of criticism over Mergos’ comments led Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras to deny there are no plans to further reduce the minimum wage, which is now 586 euros  ($782) per month, or $195.50 per week ($4.88 per hour) although SYRIZA said the government will later proceed to do so.



  1. How long before one of these assbag politicians catches a bullet or the blast from a bomb?

  2. How long before one of these assbag politicians catches a bullet or the blast from a bomb?

  3. “Tsipras accused the Greek government of operating a strategy of “blackmail, terrorism and tension.”

    Does communist Tsipras even know what the word “terrorism” mean? As far as I can tell his communist supports and anarchists are the ones chiefly resorting to lawlessness and terrorism against our DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT.

  4. You advocate violence against a democratically elected government? Terrorist scumbags like you belong in jail.

  5. “The government seems to think that by using force and state oppression against those who resist”

    Some of Syriza’s supprorters are violent terrorists that seem to think they have a “human right’ to use force against police and public party and behave as if they are the state. They seem to have forgotten this little thing call elections… where they lost.

  6. Greeks should never forget communists have a long long track record of terrorism against the Greek people. We should all never forgotten the 120,000 Greeks that lost their lives to treasonous communist extremist during Greek civil war.  (colluding with ruthless mass murdering communist dictators as well as IMRO in trying to exterminate the Greek people)

    Today’s some of Syriza communists once again collaberate with IMRO. The irony is the Gruevski’s government is ultra right wing but our communist comrades are too self-righteous and ignorant to notice they are both being manipulated and behaving treasonously. If a civil war broke out again, they could be trusted to once again betray the Greek people and murder Greeks for them.


  7.  Sure. Lets all vote for communist instead right? Communists are sure to fix our problems… not make them far far worse.

  8. I posed a question, advocated nothing. Screw you asshole. Elitist scumbags like you are the problem, surely not the solution

  9. Again ‘ALEX’ ( ‘ALEXBC’  KOSTA’)  is misinterpreting the story, misrepresenting those involved. 
    Pushing his own ridiculous spin of invented blame ( communists, terrorists, extremists, leftist/rightwing, skopians, etc), unfounded fearful nonsense, 
    and as usual taking far too much space, writing comments and replies to HIMSELF…..????.
    Do you realise the rubbish you write here is public and global?
    Please if you have to say it, say it once, then move on.
    Stop shaming yourself, and embarrassing the real Greek people and political situation here and discrediting an otherwise useful forum.

  10.  There are Skopians false flags trolling this website. You are so utterly clueless you didn’t even notice. Go back to sleep comrade.

  11.  Yeah right. Tell it to the fish. You framed in such a way that you were supporting it. Your conspiratorial fantasies comment about the “elite” only further emphasizes you sympathize with far leftist terrorism.

  12. Instead of criticizing the threats to our country’s existence (like communists and Skopians), you instead criticize those trying to protect Greece The magnitude of your self-righteous stupidity is astounding. I sincerely hope you are a Skopian yourself because if you are not you
    are one of the dumbest Greeks I have ever spoken to online.

  13. Heres my proof,
     7 ridiculous, slanderous replies already and still counting…..!

    I would love to meet you in person and take up this in the real world.
    How old are you? and where do you live?

  14. Right. Evade all my points. (You are doing all the slandering here).

    Sorry I have no interest in meeting useless brain dead loud mouth that undermines Greece.

  15.  Earth to your brain Greeks had a civil war to free ourselves of communist tyranny and IMRO and you constantly rush to the defence of them?

    Where is your criticism of communist extremists Mrs. Patriot? Where is your criticism of Skopians threatening our country Mrs. Patriot?

  16.  And anyway there’s no way for us to meet as I don’t live in Greece. Hence why I care so  much as I actually feel so bad for abandoning “my” country that I have to pretend to care more than anyone.

  17.  Sorry in case I didn’t explain my comment properly I said that because anybody who doesn’t like this government is a Communist. They are the only possible people that could attack the government..


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