Matala Beach Festival 2013

Matala-Beach-Festival-2013Under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the National Tourism Organization of Greece, the International Matala Beach Festival 2013 will be held from June 21 to 24, organized by the municipality of Phaistos.

Anastasios Liakos and Mayor of Phaistos, Maria Petrakogiorgi-Aniphantaki attended a meeting in the Ministry of Tourism to discuss the festival project and the programs related to tourism and the culture of Phaistos.

Liaskos congratulated the Mayor of Phaistos for the overall approach of the project during the recent years, as it has proved to be a model of approach which used the brand name MATALA-MATALA in an innovative way in the world map of tourism promotion, leading the municipality of Phaistos toward a new development direction in the coming years.

The Matala Beach Festival is attended by people of all ages, who visit the village to relive the memory of the hippie era. In June 2011 the Mayor of the region organized a festival on the beach to celebrate the launch of the book Myth of Matala, featuring photos of the hippie cave residents during the 60’s and the 70’s. It was a hippie reunion of 35,000 people who flocked to Matala beach.

In June 2012 over 58,000 people visited the festival and the word spread fast. It was a huge success as free events brought together music and art fans from all generations on the beach beneath the caves to celebrate peace, love and happiness.


  1. We have tons of similar festivals. People standing around doing nothing and essentially learning nothing that will help them in the rest of their life.

    We need festivals that also have a productive edge to them. We need more technology and production related conventions/festivals and less festivals dealing with drunks puking on the beach.

  2. People can have fun too lol. You only live once, not everything needs to be about how to make money.

  3.  Is now the time to spend our energies on “having fun”.. or on production?

    There is big difference between a  hedonistic view and Epicurean one. Too many Greeks are still worried about short term fun. Not enough about producing things that actually make for a better life.

  4. There are many things that are enjoyable in life. Some are more productive than others. A drug addict has a whale of time getting high but this isn’t a particularly rational way to live.

    Instead of just one more festival for drunk people to stand around saying how wonderful everyone is why not a few technology or business related festival for those looking to actually expand their horizons in meaningful ways? 

  5. Spend your energy however you wish. If you want to get drunk and party all the time who is to judge your lifestyle? Perhaps that philosophy is more rational than one which aims to constantly produce. It’s ignorant and incorrect to accuse one of being irrational because his/her behaviour doesn’t benefit society as a whole. Your view here is one step away from communism – living to support society.

  6. ” If you want to get drunk and party all the time who is to judge your lifestyle?”

    I am not arguing to force others from living from with flawed beliefs. Far from. Unless they try to force their beliefs on you through coercion of others (in which case they lose their own rights)  they should be free to smoke crack all day. They should feel free to even start up  communist collectives if they wish. I would just advise against it. 

    You do understand the human mind is capable of judgment right? That is is rational to make judgments and irrational not to. That not all views on issues are morally and intellectually equivalent,

    “Your view here is one step away from communism – living to support society.”

    If anything you are the one that keeps complaining about rich people like communists do.  I am the one constantly arguing for less laws and tax here.

  7. “Spend your energy however you wish. If you want to get drunk and party all the time who is to judge your lifestyle?”

    Is that the advice you would give your children if they told you the want to go out and inject drugs will having unprotected sex at an orgy? Its all the same? No difference?

    If you want to start a fight needlessly with me Cypriot you can. It is more rational to direct your hostility towards the Skopians and their communist supporters than Greek patriots.

  8. I’m not starting an argument, I’m trying to make you think more openly; there is not one correct path for everything. Getting drunk and partying is not taking drugs and having unprotected sex. I promote freedom and that includes making good and bad choices. Which are good and which are bad is entirely subjective and so I shan’t promote one choice over another.

  9. To clarify, I don’t complain about rich people any more than I do about any other socio-economic status. You’ve reached in incorrect conclusion about my perspectives and you ignore all evidence against those conclusions. None of my posts suggest that the rich are more to blame for the economic crisis in Greece than anyone else.

  10. “I’m not starting an argument”‘

    Yes you were. Trying to insinuate I am a communist was absurd. You were combative.

    “Getting drunk and partying is not taking drugs and having unprotected sex.”

    Why do you have have problem with taking drugs and having unprotected sex? Who are you to judge others lifestyle? Isn’t that what you just said? Obvious you don’t entirely believe it yourself and do in fact make judgments.

  11.  Getting back to the point the discussion..

    We have lots and lots of festivals. It is not unreasonable to suggest we should perhaps cut down and instead use more of that time productively. I would love to go to a world class technology or trade related event in Greece.

  12. “You’ve reached in incorrect conclusion about my perspectives”

    That’s what you were doing to me. I return in like when someone seems to be looking for a fight.

    In any case.. we usually agree on issues so truce ok?

  13. “That’s what you were doing to me.”

    I haven’t presumed that you think that I think only rich people are to blame, there is concrete evidence that that is what you think; you said, “If anything you are the one that keeps complaining about rich people like communists do.”

  14. There are many events in Greece where researchers get together from around the world to discuss the latest developments in their respective fields. The world class events of this sort aren’t held in any one country but move around each year.

    Greeks enjoy festivals so let those who enjoy it continue to do so. Festivals aren’t stopping people from starting a business. If you’re so concerned about maintaining our roots then you too should promote festivals, vide theatre, comedy, drama, Olympics, etc.

  15. I’m not stating that you’re a communist. You’re being overly-sensitive. I was merely pointing out that you’re verbally promoting capitalism, but hint at communism in some aspects of your thinking.

    I haven’t got problem with it and that isn’t what I said. I just pointed out that the two are not the same so it doesn’t make sense for you to use one to justify not doing the other.

  16. I never said to completely get rid of festivals. Only that there is too much focus on them and not enough on more productive things.

  17. No. You are looking for a fight.

    Let me quote your own words…

    “your view here is one step away from communism”

  18.  Apparrently you don’t want a truce and which to continue. I am done with this conversation.

  19. I suppose the truce was unnecessary then, although I didn’t think this even was a fight, just a discussion.

  20. I think our current debt mess and state of our economy speaks for its for itself whether we’ve been adequately focused on production.

  21. We have lots and lots of festivals.

    Actually my friend, we dont have so much festivals in Greece and especially in Crete.

    Personally speaking its the only one i know in Crete.

    And if you think Greek people are partying all the time and doing drugs and nothing else you are wrong.Its a stereotype which is used mostly from people who dont know.

    Also you can use such festivals to promote culture, not drugs and unprotected sex as you say.When you have 60000 people some of them will do drugs because this people are part of the society not because the festival promotes it.


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