Aegean Sea Exhibit Covers All

    aegeanAegean, the Birth of an Archipelago, an exhibition organized by the Science Center and Technology Museum NOESIS is going to be held in Thessaloniki.

    The event presents, in a striking and appealing way to visitors, the creation of the Aegean Sea, the beauty of its islands and coasts, with an approach through which the visitor captures the processes of the uttermost time, but also fills his senses with images from the islands and the life of this ancient sea.

    Rich photographic material, audio-visual representations and interactive presentations, show the processes and results of land and sea forces that shaped both the history of the archipelago, over millions of years, and the evolution of life in the region.

    The exhibition, beyond its scientific adequacy and educational character, make the visitor derive the power of the landscapes and the beauty of Aegean Sea through modern ways of presentation, where the exhibits, images and audiovisual presentations come together.

    The Aegean Sea covers about 214,000-square kilometers (133-square miles) and measures about 610 kilometers (379 miles longitudinally and 300 kilometers (186.4 miles) latitudinally. The sea’s maximum depth is 3,543 meter (11,624 feet) east of Crete.

    The Aegean Islands are found within its waters, with the following islands delimiting the sea on the south (generally from west to east): Kythera, Antikythera, Crete, Kasos, Karpathos and Rhodes.




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