The Rain in Athens Kills One

    A woman is rescued from flood waters by a resident standing on her car during heavy rain in Halandri, north of Athens.
    A woman is rescued from flood waters by a resident standing on her car during heavy rain in Halandri, north of Athens.

    Some of the heaviest rains seen in the Attica region around Athens caused havoc and took the life of a 23-year-old woman trapped in her car on a flooded road in a busy neighborhood of the city on Feb. 22.

    The woman was found slumped over the steering wheel of her car which had stalled on a flooded road on the border of Halandri and Maroussi. She was transferred to hospital where doctors confirmed her death, apparently from a heart attack, the newspaper Kathimerini reported.

    The rainfall, which started in the early hours of the morning, flooded several roads with the areas of Aegaleo, Nikaia, Haidari and Peristeri in the western suburbs among the worst hit.

    A derelict building in the rundown central district of Aghios Panteleimonas collapsed, apparently due to the heavy rain, but there were no injuries. The fire service received more than 400 calls to pump out flooded basements or rescue stranded vehicles, the newspaper said.

    The rivers of Ilissos and Pivrodafni both broke their banks with witnesses reporting seeing parked cars being swept away in the Pikrodafni River. Several roads were closed off including Pireos Street due to heavy flooding at the Hamosternas junction, NATO Avenue near Aspropyrgos, Dimokratias Street and coastal Poseidonos Avenue near the junction with Syggrou Avenue.

    The Athens-Corinth national highway was flooded at the Skaramanga junction and parts of Piraeus, Drapetsona and Kalamaki were also badly affected with several reports of people trapped in their cars. The flooding caused problems with the operation of the Athens tram and led to many buses being taken off the roads. There were some disruptions with ferry travel.




    1. Low lying areas of Athens are always prone to floods when there is heavy rain, the drainage system is anitquated and doesn’t cope with a lot of water. But my kids tell me it was particularly bad this time, as if people don’t have enough problems at the moment without this as well.

    2.  Every year the same thing!!!!! It rains and it floods!!  They will never fix this!

    3. A lot more since it starts getting out of the crisis and the Russian and British propagandists didn’t manage to destroy the euro with their doomsday scenario “news”.

    4. I vote for Golden Dawn supporters.. .this is why I support Choralife that supports the left wing.

    5. If we turn into crying treasonous pansies begging for handouts, we will fail. 

      If Greeks take a patriot warrior attitude like your own… we can weather any storm because at least we’ll have each other to console us in our time of misery.


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