Greek Comedian’s Swastika Not So Funny

    Comedian-Provocateur Tsimis Panousis
    Comedian Tsimis Panousis

    A Greek comedian who poses in outrageous costumes to make provocative political statements has gone too far with his use of a Swastika intertwined with the Star of David, Greece’s Jewish community leaders have complained.

    “The design depicted on the poster fiercely insults our very religion as well as the memory of the six million Jews, victims of the Holocaust,” said a statement from the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece, addressed to the country’s Minister of Justice and officials in the education ministry. There was no immediate response.

    The poster advertising the show by singer and comedian Tsimis Panousis, for a series of shows at a club in the port city of Piraeus near Athens, shows the Swastika with the Jewish symbol and is plastered across Athens and on major boulevards.

    Panousis, who has a reputation for being outrageous behavior, was apparently trying to imply that Greece’s financial crisis was a result of the combined efforts of a German-led austerity plan and Jewish-controlled financial interests, the news agency JTA reported.

    The Jewish central board’s statement said the board had appealed to various municipalities to remove the offending posters and that they had received positive responses. However, the posters remained up in many places in the city. There has been an upsurge in anti-Semitic incidents in Greece recently, but most have been tied to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party.

    Greece has close ties with Israel but the country nonetheless has seen vandalism at Jewish cemeteries and spates of anti-Semitic activities during a crushing economic crisis in which foreign interests have been blamed for many of Greece’s ills.


    1. “Panousis, who has a reputation for being outrageous behavior, was
      apparently trying to imply that Greece’s financial crisis was a result
      of the combined efforts of a German-led austerity plan and
      Jewish-controlled financial interests, the news agency JTA reported.”

      The operative word being “apparently”. In other words you don’t know for sure what Panousis is attempting to convey, but would rather repeat assumptions without bothering to check facts first.

      Yet another example of lazy and irresponsible reporting from GR. 

    2.  Andy essentially just parrrots what foreign based NGOs and media say. Given how rarely we writes about FYROM issue I’m surprised he doesn’t call the Skopians “Macedonians” (although being left on the political spectrum means in all likelihood he eventually will when of his fellow leftists give in to show how we are all fellow “comrades”). Human rights for most leftists means attack Greeks as racists and fascists while at the same time stay completely blind towards the mountains and mountains of racism directed at Greeks these days.

    3.  Lol, you mean like you just parrot ND and other right wing BS printed in the foreign media and without bothering to check facts first?

    4.  It is just unfortunate that GR, youtube and wikipedia don’t count as reliable sources.

    5. I see. So the video is fake? There is no giant Alexander statue in Skopje? The thousands of Skopians, at a government sponsored event, singing a song that includes phrases that they will take Thessaloniki… is all our imagination? Greek propaganda?

      Your evasiveness over the video… which is a fact…. only just further illustrated my point you ignore facts is true.

    6. I have to wonder if that video… was a video of Germans singing how London will be annexed to Germany… or say Mexicans singing how a third of the United States would be annexed to Mexico…. would our alleged allies that now call FYROM “Macedonia”…. have not mentioned it in their news?

      Nope. No racism against Greeks going on today. Its all a figment of our imagination just like that video.

    7.  I’m sure the patronizing anti-Hellenic twits at NYT and Guardian are “reliable sources” in the eyes of leftist morons. This is why, in 20 years, they have never once mentioned this “slight” detail.


      “It is no
      wonder that, in matters of politics in the Balkans, Greece feels misunderstood.
      It cannot understand why, after it stood alone with the United Kingdom against
      the forces of fascism between 28 October 1940–Ohi day, as it is still
      called–and 27 April 1941, when Athens finally fell, its former allies now
      appear to be taking the part of forces against which it stood, especially when,
      after the second world war, it endured those further four years of civil war to
      hold the line against the communist advance to the Aegean. That was done for
      the United States and for the United Kingdom especially–the world powers of the
      time–and those Governments objected, in 1944, to Tito’s change of the name of
      Vardar Banovina.”

      – UK House of Commons Hansard Debates for 9 May 199

    8. Proof of ALEX living in the past…199?…..and a former UK party agenda….your hilarious mate.

    9.  1995,

      Does that make you feel better now?

      Why don’t you explain to actually Greeks on this website why you call the Skopians “Macedonians” ? Could it be that you aren’t actually Greek?  Where are you family’s ethnic roots from Kaityri?

    10. Censoring and losing our sense of humour now also……?
      If that was all Panousis was tying to imply, then he has only got 2/3rds of it right.
       He leaves out the corrupt and protected government / servants which enable it.

    11. I am half Turkish, half Greek & when I wake up in the morning I take a look in the mirror & I want to KISS myself for being a modern day Oglou!!’

    12. Know many christian Turks troll? Are you sure you should be lecturing when we all know you Slavs are essentially Bulgarians  (throw in a few Serbs).

      Unless they are Greek there isn’t even a single “Macedonian” in the former Yugoslav region of vardar (aka ancient Paeonia). None. You are a pseudo_Macedonian frauds. Your Bulgarian ancestors would be deeply ashamed of you.

    13.  Whereas anti-hellenic leftist whiners like you pretend that only our politicians are to blame for our economic difficulties. Communist Syriza will fix everything.

    14. TurkOglou Timeless; never Turkish but have a name to go with it….& DNA ofcourse.

      Now, I must go & kiss myself.

      Filaki filaki filaki

      Yassou agapi

    15.  Perhaps you can point me the Guardian or NYT that mentions the minor detail that both the UK and US used to claim there is no such thing as an ethnic Macedonian?

      20 years now and not a single article mentioning it?  Not one? Rather curious no?

    16. I claim to be a Greek that voted for Golden Dawn. This is why I not only say nothing about your anti-greek comments but actually agree with your posting on other threads. I am a Greeek patriot.

    17. To Goce Delchev the Great Bulgarian,

      have you already forgotten what your elected government officials used to claim about your so-called “Macedonian” heritage?

      “The creation
      of the Macedonian nation, for almost half of a century, was done in a condition
      of single-party dictatorship. In those times, there was no difference between
      science and ideology, so the “Macedonian” historiography, unopposed by anybody,
      comfortably performed a selection of the historic material from which the
      “Macedonian” identity was created. There is nothing atypical here for the
      process of the creation of any modern nation, except when falsification from
      the type of substitution of the word “BULGARIAN” with the word “Macedonian”
      were made.”

      – Denko Maleski, minister of foreign affairs of FYROM
      from 1991 to 1993

      ‘Why are we ashamed and flee from
      the truth that whole positive Macedonian revolutionary tradition comes exactly
      from exarchist part of Macedonian people? We shall not say a new truth if we
      mention the fact that everyone, Gotse Delchev, Dame Gruev, Gjorche Petrov, Pere
      Toshev – must I list and count all of them – were teachers of the Bulgarian
      Exarchate in Macedonia.’

      – former Prime
      Minister of FYROM, Ljubco Georgievski, 2007, in his book ‘Facing the truth

    18. Hey “Greek patriots”… choralife, mekima and Mr. Prime Minister…

      Why is your voices always go silent when obvious Skopians trols this website with anti-Greek rhetoric? (especiall funny when Mr. PRime Minister claims toosupport Golden Dawn)

       No comment for your Skopian pal?
      Kaityri Kaityri

    19. Remind me again WHY we’er supposed to care about what Jews think?!

      60 MILLION people died during WWII and for some reason the world seems to leave out and forget 54 MILLION others in favour of one group of people.

      Now that’s sick.

    20. Is this for me…???
      Sorry I can not understand what you are trying to imply.
      Who or what are these skopian trolls…??
      Just once and for all name them or whatever, and move on.

    21. Name them?

      Seriously are you really that stupid or just playing stupid? Just One post above me is one of these Skopian trolls “Mental Retard Kosta’.

      You claim to care about Greece.. yet don’t say a peep about this Skopian morons obsessively trash taking Greece on Gre. Instead you obseesively trash talk me?

      Clearly you are a “Greek patriot”.


      Mental Retard Kosta


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