Greece and France to Sign Defense Deal

    FREMM-type frigates French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Feb. 28 that Greece and France would sign a defence collaboration agreement, following reports that Athens would borrow navy frigates from Paris, according to Agence-France-Presse.

    “This (broader) agreement will further include a more specific one, to cover the operational needs of the Greek armed forces, notably the navy and more specifically the frigates,” Le Drian said after a meeting with his Greek counterpart Panos Panagiotopoulos.

    He said a Franco-Greek committee would be set up to work out the details, but did not specify when the countries would ink the agreement. Le Drian, who also met President Karolos Papoulias, thanked Greece for its contribution to the Mali war effort with four army officers for a European Union training mission in the African country.

    “France and Greece have always enjoyed great solidarity during difficult times… and President Hollande’s recent visit here highlighted this privileged partnership,” Le Drian said. On the sidelines of the French president’s visit to Athens earlier this month, a Greek government source provided AFP with details of the loan of the two frigates.

    The FREMM-type frigates will be included in the Greek navy and could assist a search for hydrocarbons which Greece hopes to start in coming months, according to the source. Greece is also considering the loan of four navy support aircraft, the source told AFP.  Greece has been cutting back on buying arms because of a crushing economic crisis.



    1. More SCAMS by France and the Greek Governmernt to help destroy the Agean Sea with Oil Wells that will eventually leak as usual. France’s Gas Companies will of course want in on this sleazy deal to take most of the profits. 

    2. In 2 to 3 years time Golden Dawn will govern Greece. They will command one of the most powerful armed forces in Europe, which will now also include FREMM-type Frigates!

    3. Which is all well and good – but our most likely enemy, Turkey, has a much bigger military.

      240 F-16s and soon they will have F-35s, which Greece can’t afford.
      They have almost a million troops, 3 times as many helo gunships, 6 times as many tanks, domestically made UAVs, and a larger navy.

      So why do we bother spending money that we don’t have competing with a state which has a bigger economy, bigger population and much more efficient domestic defense industries?

      Many people hated Muhammed Ali, but they wouldn’t step in a ring with him. You can dislike Turkey and still not enter into an arms race with them…

    4. Ironic isn’t it. Yet he was there for exactly that reason. To paraphrase the negotiations it went something like this: “Hey Greece, we’ll make Germany give you more money if you buy those frigates off us”

    5.  As a Greek-French, don’t trust him. He was elected only because most peoples wanted to get ride of Sarkozy … but Hollande is doing the … same politics plus some evil measures (aka marriage and possibility to adopt for gays, tentative to let peoples who doesn’t want to become French to vote, …).
      In France, he is nicknamed Hollandreou (derived from Papandreou) and most peoples don’t trust him.

    6. You are right and as half-French I’m ashamed about this.
      Just try to make a difference between the French state and the local French peoples who often aren’t happy with what the different French governement have done.
      The political situation in France is similar to how it was in Greece before the last election : 2 main parties (Parti Socialiste and UMP) who alternatively share the power and a 3rd (FN, far-right) who hasn’t any chance to pass because of how the law has been made (with 18%, this party has 2 seats while the ecologists with far-left seats have more representatives).
      Until the economic Hell break loose like how it is happening in Greece, the situation most likely won’t change. Then far-right an far-left movements will soar and it could end badly due to the political climate.
      Many peoples in France wether there are far-left and even far-right support Hellas. Thoses who oppose our countryment are generally middle class peoples of 40+ who are brainwashed by TV (the youth generally take their infos more and more from others sources of medias). So indeed the French state is evil but the commin peoples aren’t enemies of our peoples.
      For example, this happened in Marseille (Hellenic city in France) this year where the Marseille fans were proud to say that their city was of Hellenic origin

    7. always money for war and military I see.  Greece has the largest military budget as a % of GDP out of any country in Europe.  I’m sure this had nothing to do with our massive debt.  /sarc

    8. 201 Greek F16’s & Mirage 2000’s versus 240 Turkish F16’s is not what I call an overwhelming Turkish aerial advantage.
      Since Ancient times Greeks have thrived on European quality versus Asiatic quantity.

      During NATO aerial wargames in 2011, Spanish and German piloted Eurofighter Typhoons dueled against Greek piloted F16’s.
      The Spanish & German Eurofighter Typhoons had no chance against the Greek F-16s, although theoretically they had better radar and made use of supersonic speed without using afterburner. As for the Turkish aircrafts they were rapidly shot down by the Greek F16’s!
      These are demons, not pilots, said a Spanish colleague(referring to Greek F16 pilots) during the vote for the best pilots of the course. Even the Turks voted in favor, since they could not do otherwise.

      The Greek military is very capable of defending Greek territory from the Turks.


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