Violent Protest Against Former ND Minister

Violent Protest VoridisThe ruling New Democracy Conservative party has condemned a violent protest against former minister, Makis Voridis,  ahead of a press briefing in Kavala, northeastern Greece, where workers of Kavala Oil stormed the hotel where the event was to take place and caused extensive damage to the premises, while Voridis remained in his room.

Workers were protesting a new contract for exploitation of fuel deposits in the Prinos oil field in the Aegean Sea which awards joint rights to the mother company Energean Oil & Gas. “The workers came here asking for trouble. We wanted to talk with them, but they didn’t give us a chance,” the local party organization said in a statement.

Voridis, while still a member of the far-right LAOS party, served as Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Networks in the coalition government headed by Lucas Papademos which ran from November, 2011 to the June 2102 elections. During that time he was tossed out of LAOS for supporting austerity measures but remained a minister.

A few days later, he joined New Democracy and surrendered his parliamentary seat to LAOS, which failed to win enough of the vote in the 2012 elections to remain in Parliament. As Minister, Voridis was supposed to open up professions like taxi drivers, a measure he has previously opposed on multiple occasions. He failed to liberalize the professions as ordered to do so by the country’s international lenders.


  1. This reminds me of the violent thugs that uses that incident with Alexandros Grigoropoulos as excuse to loo and destory property and even murder  that poor pregnant woman. Any individual that protests using terrorism against our democratically elected government belongs in jail. Full stop.

  2. Fascists like Voridis, who in the past organised many anti-human rights protests while among the leadership of the fascist LAOS party need a wake up call!

    But it doesn’ merit violent behaviour nor loss of property!

  3. Putting the words “human rights” in ones sentences or organization name does not mean one can’t have prejudices against some group or support violations of someone else’s human rights. There are also alleged “human rights” groups that recieve heavy funding from special interest groups and others ones that recieve funding from governments (despite claiming they are NGOs) They use the words “human rights” as a method of political propaganda (which leftists in particular fall for) to associate their political goals as being one and the same as human rights.

    Case in point, many of these so called “human rights” group have elements that are RACIST towards Greeks. This is witnessed by the fact after referencing obvious slavs as “Macedonians”, they now pretend not to notice the SKopians identity change into “descendents of ancient macedonians”. and government sponsered threats against Greece.

    They also manipulatively try to frame ILLEGALS as “immigrants”. There is no human right to violate soverign borders. Those that do so are actually violating the human rights of the people in soverign states. (who have a right not to be illegally invaded by people of another state)

    In other words, those who argue for illegals in Greece and Skopians, are violating the human rights of Greeks.

  4. Vordis is just another one of the Criminal gang from ND and PASOK trying desperately to hold onto a failing system of Corruption in the Vouli and the Greek People are at their limit.   


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