Three Greek Suicides In One Day

suicideWith 20 percent of Greeks pushed into poverty by crushing austerity measures while tax evaders who owe $70 billion continue to largely escape paying, despair continues to rise and media reports said three more people killed themselves on March 5 – all in Thessaly – including an 80-year-old woman who was found dead in Pineios River.

The suicides were in a largely agricultural area where unemployment is reported to be 24 percent, a little lower than the overall record rate of 27 percent across the country. A 45-year-old man was found hanged in his home by his mother in the Larissa suburb of Averof, while a 50-year-old man also hanged himself in the garden shed of his home in the village of Valanida.

There were no details on whether any of them were related to the country’s economic crisis although health care analysts have previously said the stress put on many people who find themselves destitute is a major contributing cause to the reasons why more Greeks are killing themselves in a country which used to have one of the lowest rates in Europe.

There has been a sharp rise in the number of suicides in Greece since the beginning of the crisis in 2009, with official sources putting the figure at over 3,100 from the start of 2009 to August 2012, though experts say that deaths by suicide are often not documented as such because of the social stigma attached to them.



  1. Where’s Alex the asshole spewings and defaming these poor souls that have lost all hope?

  2. I bet the vast majority of the suicides are leftists that finally woke up to the fact the world does not care for them.  Without love of family and fellow countryman nothing was left for them to fight for so they gave up. Psychology 101. Anger is more useful than depression.

    No doubt those that preach for Greeks to be shameless cowardly unpatriotic parasites only contributed to the sense on misery, hopelessness and isolation.

  3. I do not have pity for those that kill themselves. It was a selfish cowardly act that hurt their own families and friends. My pity is for their families that feel the pain of having lost their loved ones.

  4.  Alex, you sick dick head, larn to keep your mouth shut and have some respect for these people. You did not know ANY of them and have absolutely NO right to pass judgement or label them for your own f*cked up points of view.  You really need a good swift kick in the face and if you let me know where to meet you, I will be the one to do it.

  5. Leftist pr*cks like you are “assholes” because your type of self-righteous ranting is part of what is  driving Greeks to suicide. You fanatics rob Greek of their sense of community with your endless patronizing anti-nationalist rants. You disgust me.

  6.  Just tell me where and when and you can come do something about it. Say the word, faggot.

  7. “let me know where to meet you”

    That;s what exactly Alex Prime Minister of Greece says – who claims to be a Greek that votes for Golden Dawn. (yet never criticizes Skopians – just like “Greek patriots” like you) You are real brave over you mommy’s internet with your threats of violence.

  8. I don’t give crap what you think you anti-hellenic dirtbag. You constant self-righteous rants against Greeks is precise the sort of things that drives Greeks to suicide. Degenerate.

  9. I like talk about penises and giving threats like you do too. Much like you I also like whining about the Greek government but not the Skopian one. We are so alike. Almost like we the same.

    We are nothing like Alex who actually spends mountains of his time
    documenting and criticizing those trying to erase the Greek people.  We are the real Greek patriots that care about the Greek people.

  10. They should move across to poor Macedonia. There is fewer suicides there & the average wage is 200€ a month. Go figure.

  11. Love how you say “macedonia” for FYROM.

    “Greek patriots” Lordi, Mgraz-111 and alex prime minister nowhere to be found.

  12. Alex you are sick talking like that about dead people!!!! You really must have so much hate!!!!! You must be Slav from FYR of Macedonia then?!!, you can’t laugh or make fun with people who have personal problems and stress no matter what!

  13. Any that complain about me on this website are either foreigners (typically Skopians) or clueless Greek leftists that have no idea that FYROM is unofficially at war with us.  If they cared about actual Greece, they would be constantly condemning the Skopians… and their foreign apologists….rather than saying nothing. Haven’t seen your posts on the matter.

  14. This has to be one of the sadest articles I have read in a long time..Politicians needs to change and act and become pro-active. Greece needs to go for a growth policy and amend laws to encourage foreign and local investment not today or tommorow but yesterday..
    Unfortunately all politicans are only interested in looking after themselves and not the contituents or people who voted for them and that is sad…

  15. Greek politicians have blood in their hands…These innocent Greek citizens committed suicide because of the harsh austerity measures taken by the government while they are enjoying the high life from the looted wealth of this country…All corrupt politicians past and present should be triad for crimes against the country and its citizens…

  16. Agreed!

    These politicians created the socio-economic climate our people live in!

    For nearly 40 years, these incompetent imbeciles built up a public service turned welfare state for hanging onto a voting clientel.

  17.  Politicians are now responsible for suicides? Really? The people that killed themselves didn’t play a hand in it?

  18. That is very sad!, I visited greece long time ago, the corruption was very high, politicians were all corrupted!, every day the tv media under pasok was talking how the foreigners were not so great, and how lucky were greek people to be better in order to keep they mind ocupied and not to realise how they were stealing in daily basis from their hard working citizens!, the greek people are friendly and good harted, but they have been trained not to be so good with foreigners from long term pasok party!!,

  19. Hey choralife… do you you agree with Savas the nut job plans to support illegals immigration and wipe out the Greek people by turning us into a multicultural country like US? (see native indians)

  20.  People that complain about him don’t complain about him, but make fun of him because he is Alex….the American that has never lived in Greece, and doesn’t speak Greek.  This kid is a joke

  21.  Alex you are an idiot!  PEOPLE ARE COMMITTING SUICIDE!  These are fellow Greeks! Who cares if the are left or right, THEY ARE GREEK YOU IDIOT!  America has truly brainwashed you!

  22.  Alex I gave you my actual name, address, and you still won’t show up buddy.  I never threatened you….you said I am not Greek….so I told you come over so I can prove that I am Greek…but it seems you can’t afford the ticket here.


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