Athens Mosque Will Cost Greece $1.1M

Muslims in Athens in an makeshift basement praying room
Muslims in Athens in an basement praying room

It will cost the cash-strapped Greek government, which is cutting pay, raising taxes and slashed pensions for workers, pensioners and the poor, some 846,000 euros, about $1.1 million, to build an official mosque in Athens for the city’s Muslim population.

The design, however, is slated to have a modern look and not that of Ottoman mosques with minarets, the newspaper Ta Nea reported, adding that all that’s needed for the project to begin for the Transportation Ministry to begin the bidding procedures for construction.

The government agreed in September of 2012 to go ahead with the plans after an offer from the Turkish government to pay for it was rejected by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and opposed by the Muslim community which wanted the Greek state to undertake it.

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus said he was vehemently opposed to having Greece build a mosque who said it should be declared unconstitutional and anti-Greek. The idea of a mosque is still touchy in Greece, which suffered under 400 years of Ottoman occupation when churches were prohibited and as the Turkish government has refused to re-open the closed Halki Seminary.

Nevertheless, the head of the Greek Church, Archbishop Ieronymos , supports the building of the facility for what he said were grounds of religious tolerance. The mosque will have a capacity of 350 people but the design will not feature a minaret after architects said it would blend with the neighborhood.

Without an official, state-sanctioned mosque, Muslims in Greece have to find makeshift places, such as basements, garages and other facilities, to pray and gather for worship.



  1. Are you mad? pislam does not believe in any of those things. It’s out to destroy everything this is not pislamic. For the same reason you don’t let a fox into a henhouse, you don’t let pislam into a democracy.

  2.  Yes, a Greece for the ethnic Greeks. Who would have thought? How is that “red necked white supremacist”?

  3. Gary, the list of christians killed by islamists since 9/11 is too long…You can have a look at http://www. thereligionofpeace. com / Pages / ChristianAttacks.htm

  4. Erdogan is pushing for the construction of the mosque because he sees exactly what will happen in the future. Anger toward illegal immigration may very well result in boycotts of the mosque construction, retaliation against the muslim minority via their new place of worship…and all this will be the focus of international news, making Greeks look bad instead of Turkey, and weakening our push for religious freedom for the Greek Orthodox community in Turkey. 
    Here in the U.S., there are many mosques and many Greek Orthodox churches…. they were paid for with private donations, on sites where licenses were issued for their construction, and which were also paid for privately. Of course, everyone should be free to practice their religion, but this cannot be at a nation’s expense. If I create a religion tomorrow, should the state be obligated to build me a place of worship? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me…

  5.  Since when does freedom of religion equal government (in an economic crisis!) funding the private religiou beliefs of people who broke the law to be there and who don’t have the slightest intention of integrating into the local culture and becoming self-sufficient?

  6.  Since when does freedom of religion equal government (in an economic crisis!) funding the private religiou beliefs of people who broke the law to be there and who don’t have the slightest intention of integrating into the local culture and becoming self-sufficient?

  7.  Then god help europe and the world given the abyssmal track record of economic,  intellectual and social failure in the muslim world for the last 1000 years or so…..

  8. The muslim world from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Arabic Middle East, Iran and Pakistan are all targets of the Israeli nuclear arsenal. Israel is always looking for an excuse to use it’s nuclear arsenal on these primitive defenseless Islamic cesspools…eventually these Jewish supremacists will find an excuse, & then the Islamic world will be exterminated.
    I give it maybe 5 years before Israel unleashes it’s nuclear-biological-chemical arsenal on the Islamic world, with the USA actively supporting them, & the EU staying silent.

  9. If the Muslims in Greece want a mosque, they should raise the money themselves to build it, just like we do when we want a new church, not rely on Christians to do it for them. Churches and mosques are not the responsibility of the government. That’s why Greece is in such a mess and totallty unworthy of our sympathy & I’m a Greek!  Shame on them!

  10. “Nevertheless, the head of the Greek Church, Archbishop Ieronymos ,
    supports the building of the facility for what he said were grounds of
    religious tolerance.”

    Let this fool go live in a “religiously tolerant” Muslim country like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. Instead, he will bring Muslim INTOLERANCE to his country AGAIN.

    Anyone who supports this mosque should be considered a traitor. There is nothing tolerant about Islam, and the Greeks know it too well after 400 years of enduring it.

    Boo hiss! Greeks should be rioting in the streets until that money is slated for Greek nationals, period. And get these Muslims out of your country before it’s too late.

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

  11.  Who cares what you think? Islam is evil, and the converts are criminals. Build them a prison instead.

  12. You are an Islamofascist, and your opinion is to be ignored about anything. Your whole goal is to conquer everyone else and shove Islam down their throats with violence. You should be arrested.

  13. Thanks for admitting the truth. Jihad, as in violent conquest. Like I say, Islam is evil, the converts are criminals, and all mosques should be banned.

  14.  You sound like you know absolutely nothing about Islam. It’s a damned good thing you don’t have mosques all over your country.

    You frankly sound like an ignorant idiot – might as well hand your future masters the knife to slit your throat with.

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

  15.  Yes, s/he is obvious insane, ignorant or both. But what a typical talking-head idiot for Islam.

  16.  Let us not forget the poem Erdogan proudly recited: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

    Greeks are slitting their own throats. Keep the Muslim barracks out!

  17. Take your conquering cult and shove it.

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

  18. You are a traitor who should not be using a Greek name.

    Take your supremacist cult and go straight to hell.

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

  19.  ISLAM is the supremacism, you idiot.

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”

    The Greeks have the right to protect themselves from these INVADERS and would-be CONQUERORS.

  20.  Once again, scumbag, you prove exactly the intent of building this mosque: To conquer Greece and Europe. Thanks for verifying the ISLAMOFASCIST program, you vile piece of garbage.

  21.  And once again, like the scumbag you are, you reveal the true intent.

    Go to hell, you vile piece of shite.

  22. there are Greek born Muslims, there are mosques in other parts of nGreece alreadty- bravo for religious tolerance as anyone who saw the video of the head of the Greek Orthodox xhurch performing the traditional Epiphany ceremony by the sea in Istanbul will appreciate

  23. Absolutely disgusting.  We are starving and can`t pay our bills.  If they want a mosque then they should pay for it 100%.  They should be ashamed.  This country is on it`s knees and they want a building to worship in.  It is obvious that they do not know…YOU CAN WORSHIP ANYWHERE.  God hears you.  I just wish the Greek government would hear us.

  24. Greece was under Ottaman Empire for 400 years. There must be lot of Mosques through out Greece where Muslim community was in majority. Where are those Mosques? I believe all the Mosques were demoloshed by Christians and expelled or killed majority of Muslims. Now Greek society must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different for their own survival in this tiny global village.

  25.  Yes there are some Mosques left, in fact in the Eastern Thrace the Islamic community of course have their own places of worship. These Mosques however have often been converted into buildings such as museums and using them as places of worship would be contentious as many historic Greek churches in Turkey such as the famous Agia Sophia in Istanbul have not been converted back into churches and also act as museums like the Greek Mosques. On this front however, the mayor of Thessaloniki is planning to return one Mosque/Museum to use as a place of worship. Also, many buildings which were used as mosques during the Ottoman occupation were originally churches which were returned to their original use after the Ottomans left.I don’t doubt some were likely demolished or left in disrepair after the ottomans left, but this is also true of Greek churches in Turkey itself and more recently in the north of Cyprus.

    Another point is that Muslims have never been a majority in the current territory of Greece. They have been a very large minority group within Greece in the past (particularly the northern regions such as Thrace) but never the majority. Also, your statement that the Greeks “expelled or killed” the majority of Muslims is very inflamatory and quite innacurate. Please make youself more aware of the history regarding the Greek-Ottoman population exchanges early last century. Many articles, books and journals including moderated sources such as Wikipedia clearly show that the Greek population of the Ottoman Empire (along with groups such as the Armenians and Assyrians) suffered what is often referred to as Genocide during this period (wiki Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, Assyrian Genocide). However, the exchange of populations was completed after the war and after major atrocities were committed. The population exchange was supported by both countries, and in fact Greece faced a far greater burden, receiving 1.5 million people in comparison to 500 thousand who were re-located to the new Turkish State.

    Also, two particular populations were exempt from this exchange. The Greeks of Istanbul/Constantinople (200 thousand, 40% of the city population in 1914 according to an official census) and the Turks of Eastern Thrace. If you look at these two populations, the Turks of eastern thrace continue to exist and while at times have had difficulties with the Greeks, are getting by ok with the population growing from 50,000 at the time of the exchange to 100-130,000 today. The Greeks of Istanbul however are now less than 3000, this was due to the 1932 Turkish law limiting their rights to partake in certain professions as well as the 1955 Istanbul Pogrom. I would say that they have been indirectly driven out whereas Greece has on the whole maintained the indigenous Muslim population of Eastern Thrace.

    I whole heartedly agree that the Greeks (and obviously all muslim cultures also) must learn to respect those who are different. I dont think however that this is an issue at the core of what many people believe the true problem is with this Mosque proposal. The fundamental problem is why the state should pay for the place of worship of a non-indigenous (to Athens) religious population when as a nation of immigrants to other cultures the Greeks have always paid for and built their own Churches in their adoptive countries. Personally, I feel that as long as they are permanent, integrated, contributing members of Greek society that the Muslims of Athens should have the right to build a Mosque…but that they must do it themselves with their own funds.

    You must also understand the history of Islamic invasion and occupation in Greece which ended less than 200 years ago will also have an effect on many of the views being shared on this forum. I accept there are many “extreme” Greek views being expressed here but since you are listing yourself as representing the London School of Islamics Trust i would expect a more tempered, considered and politically correct viewpoint from you as a representative of a official institution. Instead you provided innacurate sweeping inflamatory statements which was very disappointing.

  26. I wouldn’t be too worried about this Mosque. Greeks won’t let it last the night. Perhaps then all the Illegals will understand how much they’re wanted in Europe.

  27. I am a Turkish and I don’t live in Greece, I just follow international politics because i major in International Politics.

  28. Savas Greeks are not classified as “whites”, therefore they can’t have white supremacist Greece. I really think they should stop comparing themselves to Paki refugees, Turks have around the same % of “Whites” in Turkey but I guess we are less influenced by European powers so we never really cared about our skin color.

  29. I am not IN your country thank God, I am an observer of international affairs. Besides, I am a Turk, Unless I open my mouth, no Golden Dawn would differ me from a Greek… I won’t stoop to your level, after all I am an educated man that has respect for people. I don’t separate people by their ethnic roots.

  30. Do you know the population of Greeks in Melbourne? Or in America? or Germany? So Greeks can go all around the world for a better life, but no one can enter their Country?

  31. I do not care about your nationality and your studies…We don’t won’t islam in our land..Your religion destroyes cultures wherever it is so better stay in your homeland…We have enough of you around, we don’t need more and do not stoop to my level because you won’t stand a chance…

  32. Sava, if muslims settle in Greece God help us…You see what they are doing in other parts of the world…Let me just say this, few weeks ago they killed 2 innocent teachers in “Yala” Thailand while they are having breakfast, They killed Christians in Iraq. A Catholic priest was shot dead Sunday, February 17, on his way to church in Tanzania’s semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar, just days after
    a pastor was beheaded by suspected Muslim extremists on the mainland,
    officials and Christians said. Pastor Mathayo Kachili was reportedly beheaded Monday, February 11,by what witnesses called a mob of Muslim extremists and “radicals” and the stories goes on and on so do you really want our country to be our grave yard??? Christians are killed almost every day and all we can do is watch not because we are powerless but because we are not killers…

  33. Its too bad Maverik, your country is Democratic, they promote equal rights, plus they Greece has lots of Muslims. This is not your choice, it is part of your system, the system that you love. Plus I am not Muslim, so it is not MY religion. You also complain in other posts about Turkey not respecting the Christian minorities, I think you are a downright hypocrite who is upset at life and needs to rant hatred at the expense of “others” to make yourself feel better. May god help you lol

  34. YES we do promote equal rights what we do not promote is the killing of innocent people regardless of their nationalities and religion unlike islam who do teach and preach the killings of non muslims…



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