Greek Military Cemetery in FYROM Desecrated

ValadovoLOn March 14, unknown perpetrators entered the Greek military cemetery in the town of Valantovo, FYROM, and desecrated the graves of Greek soldiers that died during World War I.

The Greek Liaison Office in Skopje, after being informed of the extensive damages, immediately contacted FYROM’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to express its abhorrence and to complain, and demanded that an immediate investigation should be conducted.

The head of the Greek Liaison Office also stressed that “such events do not serve to improve relations between the two neighbors; on the contrary, they worsen them.”

A representative of the Liaison Office, as well as a Defence Attaché visited the cemetery without delay, and found it was extensively destroyed. The head of the Liaison Office in Skopje, by order of Foreign Affairs Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, has issued a formal demarche, demanding local authorities condemn the attack, take necessary precautions, locate and punish the guilty parties, as well as restore the damages.

According to the Greek newspaper “To Vima”, the Ministry noted that “unfortunately, these events confirm the dangers and consequences of the nationalism and populism that are being cultivated in FYROM, to the point of deeply insulting the deceased, and disrespecting history”