Tsipras Says Samaras Should Back Cyprus

TsiprasWhile Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, who is dealing with the same international lenders squeezing Cyprus to confiscate part of bank accounts to help pay for a bailout, remained mostly silent about the island’s crisis, his administration was said to working feverishly to protect deposits in branches of Cypriot banks in  Greece.

Concern was building that Cyprus could default, a prospect that could cause turmoil in Greece, suffering its own economic crisis, and as the government is trying to get a Greek bank to take over the Cypriot branches, which remain closed as did those on Cyprus.

The Greek government said it has set aside about 600 million euros ($773 million) for the recapitalization of Cypriot branches and earlier promised depositors would not lose any money. Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative party leader,  is walking a delicate line as he readies to continue negotiations with the Troika when they return next month and as they are seeking more reforms.

One of his coalition partners, Democratic Left chief Fotis Kouvelis, came out and said he opposed the confiscation tax in Cyprus although Samaras didn’t take a stance.

Alexis Tsipras, leader of the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) blistered Samaras for not coming out to support Cyprus, but the leftist leader refused to back a call by Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos to censure Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras for not opposing the confiscation tax during a meeting of Eurozone officials March 15 in Brussels.

But that didn’t keep Tsipras from going after Stournaras who he said  “has aligned himself absolutely with the threats and blackmail of (German Finance Minister Wolfgang) Schaeuble against the Cypriots.” Tsipras asked what the government would do if the Troika demanded a bank deposit tax in Greece. “Would they agree?” There was no answer from Samaras or Stournaras.

Tsipras said he would not back the censure motion as “if there is an issue of the government’s adequacy. That is for the people to judge.” He also lashed out at Northern European countries, calling them “gangsters” trying to colonize countries in the south.”



  1. Yea and the great mastermind Cheapras also suggested nationalizing Greek banks, seizing cash from account holders to get out of the crisis and keep the welfare state going, but recently changed his tune and was against this for Cyprus when politicians suggested it for the Island. Cheapra must think Cyprus is a Greek client state, I doubt the Greek Cypriot government wants too much outside interference and would likely ask for Greek help if need be. Cheapra is looking to complain about everything and anything, Samaras is silent on Cyprus, but if Samaras were active, he’d complain about that too, someone tell this flim flam man to keep quiet already, he’s not even consistent with his lies.

  2. How is Samras or any Greek going to come to the support of Cyprus when our debt is at over $300bil and we cannot look after ourselves…How are we going to assist anyone else Mr Tsipiras..In words only..What actions can Greece take???
    Now that would be great if you could answer this point..
    We have children collapsing at schools because of malnutrition and children stealing candles as the electricity has been cut off???
    Greece is need of assistance and its people need help..Our public servants did not chase anyone on Lagarde’s list for 6 years..and gave these people a 6 year headstart..
    The Greek church pays no taxes and takes only i.e. Vatopedi ..
    Our public servants want kickbacks in all government departments and our people are desperate in the street…Even our politicians want as we;;. as they have failed to act and then blame everyone else for their failures..
    When will things change in Greece??? What future are our youth going to look forward to???

  3. Lord Chimp’ras grunted and Andy jumped.

    Tomorrow, Andy is going to report the color of his underwear.

  4. Yes, Mr Tsipoura is fond of the sound of his own voice and says a lot of things. Whether or not what he says makes any sense, is another matter entirely.

  5. EU = ONE BIG MESS that NEVER SHOULD HAVE UNITED. Destroyed every country.
    Competition with US dollar and the rest is history……………………unfortunately.


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