Tragic End of 1821’s Greek Heroes


The Greek War of Independence commenced in 1821 and waged until 1832 when the Greek free state was finally established under the blessings and the needs of the then powerful allies of the Greek revolutionaries, the British, the French and the Russian. The national day celebrated on March 25th pays tribute to all men, women and children who lost their lives for the dream of a sovereign free country, and especially to the heroes of the Greek Revolution that risked their lives for freedom from the Ottoman Empire. But as always, there are black pages in every history book of the world, and Greece’s were not an exception. Although it goes mostly unnoticed, the fact is that many Greek captains of the Revolution were sent to jail during and after the war against the Ottomans. Others were pushed aside by the newly formed state as too dangerous for the common good or too unpredictable for the reigning forces.

Here follow some of the most exemplary and tragic stories of the Greek captains of 1821, who ended up underprivileged, captured, begging on the streets and even dead.

NikitarasNikitas Stamatelopoulos or Nikitaras or the Turk-eater died in September 25, 1849, totally forgotten and poor.The brave and honorable man who stood out in the battle of Dervenakia and was told to have broken three swords with his fury in the battlefield, was groundlessly accused of conspiracy against King Otto and was sent to prison first in Palamidi (along with his uncle and Revolution captain Theodoros Kolokotronis) and then on the island of Aegina.

When the then Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Kolettis asked him to kill a rival and former captain of the Greek Independence war, Odysseas Androutsos, in exchange for a government position, Nikitaras refused the offer and became angry with Kolettis. He also refused to take booty after the victorious battle of Tripolis, a normal practice of Balkan irregulars at the time.

Nikitaras was released from prison in 1841, but the period in jail broke his health and he was almost blind due to diabetes problems. The Greek state refused to grant him and his family any descent pension to make a living, but instead allowed him to beg before a Virgin Mary church every Friday. In 1843, when King Otto was forced to sign the Constitution, Nikitaras was given the title of major general and an insignificant pension. He died in 1849 in Piraeus.4.1.2

A major hero of the Greek War of Independence, Odysseas Androutsos earned the title of Commander in Chief of the Greek forces in Roumeli, but his glory did not last long. His intense personality and constant conflicts with the “kalamarades” as he called the politicians and the clergy resulted in making him suspicious of the politics followed at the time. In spring 1822 Ioannis Kolettis accused him of betrayal and cooperation with the Ottomans, so that Androutsos gave up his title as Commander in Chief but never gave up his fighting against them. Seieng through the scheming of politics, Androutsos retired in a cave, the Black Hole, totally disappointed with the newly emerged state of the Greeks after the independence war.

There, in his cave north of Parnassus Mountain, Androutsos’ isolation made Kolettis and his enemies even more suspicious of his intentions and soon he was accused of making agreements with the enemy against the interests of the Greeks. Androutsos, however, is said to have called for the cooperation of the Ottomans in order to take them by surprise and fight them from the inside. The arrest of Kolokotronis made Andoutsos even more hostile towards politicians. Then the government in 1825 assigned to Yiannis Gouras, a close lieutenant of Androutsos, with the mission to take care of Androutsos. Androutsos finally surrendered to the government forces and was led to an Athens prison. Karaiskakis, another major figure of the Greek Independence war, was outraged by his imprisonment and even attempted to rescue his fellow fighter. The attempt failed and to cool things down Gouras asked for the government’s help.

The trial date for Androutsos was pending now, but on June 5 at midnight Gouras gave the order and five men including an unknown priest entered Androutsos’ cage and killed him after hours of torture. The lifeless body of Androutsos was then pushed off the prison tower of Goula down to the Temple of Athena Nike of the Acropolis. Androutsos’ death was declared as a failed escape attempt.

Bouboulina_Friedel_engraving_1827Laskarina Bouboulina was a Greek naval commander and heroine of the Greek Revolution. Being married twice to prosperous husbands, Bouboulina bought arms and ammunition at her own expense and brought them secretly to the island of Spetses on her ships, to fight for the sake of her nation. Construction of her ship Agamemnon was finished in 1820. She bribed Turkish officials to ignore the ship’s size and it was later one of the largest warships in the hands of Greek rebels. She also organized her own armed troops, composed of men from Spetses. She used most of her fortune to provide food and ammunition for the sailors and soldiers under her command.

The people of Spetses revolted on 3 April, and later joined forces with ships from other Greek islands. Bouboulina sailed with eight ships to Nafplion and began a naval blockade. Later she took part in the naval blockade and capture of Monemvasia and Pylos.

When the opposing factions erupted into the second civil war in 1824, the Greek government arrested Bouboulina for her family connection with now-imprisoned Kolokotronis; the government also killed her son-in-law Panos Kolokotronis. With the order to be arrested, she was exiled back to Spetses poor and disappointed by the new Greek reality. In 1825, while Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt disembarked in Pylos in a final attempt to smother the revolution, Bouboulina began preparing for new battles despite her animosity towards the politicians. However, on May 22 of the same year, Bouboulina would die a tragic death. Her younger son from her first marriage fell in love with the daughter of the powerful Koutsaios family of Spetses and the couple fled to the house of Bouboulina’s first husband. Bouboulina and the Koutsaios soon arrives at the house and after a long and furious dispute, Ioannis Koutsis shot her in the head fatally. The case was closed and no-one ever put the perpetratorson on trial.

Manto Mavrogenous was a Greek heroine of the Greek War of Independence. A rich woman,Friedel_-_Manto_Mavrogenous who spent all her fortune on the Hellenic cause. Under her encouragement, her European friends contributed money and guns to the revolution. When the struggle began, she went to Mykonos, the island of her origin, and invited the leaders there to join the revolution.

She equipped, manned and “privatized” at her own expense, two ships with which she pursued the pirates who attacked Mykonos and other islands of the Cyclades. She also equipped 150 men to campaign in the Peloponnese and sent forces and financial support to Samos, when the island was threatened by the Turks. Later, Mavrogenous sent another corps of fifty men to Peloponnese, who took part in the Siege of Tripolitsa and the fall of the town to the Greek rebels. She spent money on the relief of the soldiers and their families, the preparation of a campaign to Northern Greece and the support of several philhellenes. She also sent a group of fifty men to reinforce Nikitaras in the Battle of Dervenakia.

She moved to Nafplio in 1823, in order to be in the core of the struggle, leaving her family as she was despised even by her mother because of her choices. After her unfortunate love story with Dimitrios Ypsilantis, Mavrogenous lived depressed for a while in Nafplion. After Ypsilanti’s death and her political conflicts with Ioannis Kolettis, she was exiled from Nafplio and returned to Mykonos to live in extreme poverty. When the war ended, Greek Prime Minister Ioannis Kapodistrias awarded her the rank of the Lieutenant General and granted her a dwelling in Nafplio, where she moved. She left for the island of Paros in 1840, where she died in July 1848, in oblivion and poverty.


  1. There were all Arvanit heroes that were used badly from the Grexit Anatolian-armenian-ethiopian conglomerate scum.

  2. Just like Spartans, Athenians, Macedonians, Pontians, Cypriots, etc., Arvanites are also Greeks.

  3. Arvanites fought heroically for Greece and Hellenism. This is unlike your ethnic Bulgarian ancestors who fought to annex your country to Bulgaria. IMRO from top to bottom was an ethnic Bulgarian organization.

    If you hate Greek language and culture you are not “Macedonians” Skopian “scum”. You are ANTI-Macedonians. Enjoy your moment because it will not last.

  4. He’s skopian dirtbag looking for an identity by trying to usurp ours. The Alexander-skis the great-ski constantly “forget” to mention that virtually all of them they are direct descendents of ethnic Bulgarian. Gruev, Misirkov, Delchev, et al…. all admitted their ethnic Bulgarian roots in their writings.

    The funny thing about the situation that both the Skopians and their apologists have missed is by now switching identities from Slavs into “descendents of ancient Macedonians” the Skopians are effectively claiming to be Greeks. They think they are “winning” because of all the recognition but they are actually losing because we are fighting for two different causes.

    The ethnically insecure Slavs are fighting to show what big men they are. Greeks are fighting to preserve actually Macedonian culture and language (i.e. Greek)

    Even with the tremendous pressure of Greece it is not we that are putting up giant statues to ancient Slav historical figures. It is the Slavs putting ones up to ancient Greeks. Alexander needed an army to conquer in inhabitants of Paoenia. All we need to do is tell these Greek hating morons for eternity forward they are not Macedonians and just sit back and watch as they delete their own ethnic Bulgarian heritage to “prove” they are the “real” Macedonians. The harder the haters push, the more they delete themselves.

  5. It’s true and very sad the way they were treated,! Most of them fought with honour and were patriots, but when the war finished the politicians wanted the credit and no competition!, and of course most were arvanitas from albanian descent.

  6. Arvanties fought for Hellenism not Albanianism Skopian. You had best look at your own ethnic bulgarian heritage before giving history lessons to others.

  7. Why you keep denying the TRUTH?
    Arvanit have Albanian language same as the language spoken today by the Orthodox Albanians of Chameria/Epirus.
    ie.(Filati, Paramithia, Igumenitsa, etc)

  8. So? The Pontians’ dialect is a mixture of Turkish and Greek and they are from Northern Turkey (Pontus) but that doesn’t make them Turkish.

  9. Why do the Skopians deny the TRUTH? They are direct descendents of people that self-identified as ethnic BULGARIANS less than century ago (to lessor degree Serbs). The language they speak used to be called Bulgarian prior to Yugoslav communists modifying it and renaming it “macedonian”.

    As for Albanian Chams, they have heavily mixed heavily with Turks, This is why so many of them are MUSLIMS not Christians. They also have genetic inputs from ancient Greeks, Thracians, latins and many others. You really need to open a book some time.

    Our language, our culture, or location, and dare our say it even our DNA has strong ancient Greek elements. We don’t care about your quack racial theories. It is our choice to be part of the part of the Greek nation not Slavic or Albanian one.

    If you want to take a deconstructing view of nations do you think Germans are pure race? Jews? Albanians? British? Chinese? Spanish? Turks? Get real troll. Open up a genetics book to find out reality.

    Greeks care about preserving Greek culture. This is why we give Greek names to our cities, teach our children about Greek history, and promote Greek culture. It’s Greek in more than just name. The Slavs on the other hand HATE Greek language and culture thus they are not Greeks. And since ancient Macedonians were Greeks that would make then anti-Macedonian. It’s really not that hard.

    Seriously dude, get a life beyond hating Greeks. There are other more productive things to do in this world to troll us over our identity. Go find your own identity.

  10. The rationale the Greek haters obsessively use is that Greeks are not pure Greek thus they claim we not “real” Greeks. What all these hypocritical trolls neglect to do though is check the narrative of their own ethnic roots. If they did they would discover that they have far less to do with their claimd ancestors than we do. A DNA test would quickly reveal ALL our critics have mixed heavily with other ethnic groups over the ages and don’t belong to some sort of pure race to be criticizing us on racial impurity grounds.

    And unlike them we do not hide from our Roman nomenclature past (renamed byzantine). We have just incorporated it into our historical narrative of our homeland which is of course Greece.

    Both both our culture and our language are a testimonial to our very real connection to ancient Greeks. The RUM millet arose directly from the prior Greco-Roman state that led all the way back to antiquity (renamed Byzantine in modern era). In fact some of our neighbours show biological and cultural links to ancient greek as well (not to mention much of the world has adopted Greek culture in general). They just choose a historical narrative other than Greek Thus they chose not to speak Greek and rebranded what is largely ancient Greek derived culture under different names.

    Much like some hate Jews there is a cottage industry of Greek haters that feel they have to “prove” to us how we are not “real” Greeks and dehumanize us. They don’t understand it is their very own anti-Greek behavior that makes some Greeks xenophobic. The patronizing kooks never look in the mirror to check that they have far far less in common with their own claimed roots then they do ancient Greeks.

  11. If that were true they would have fought for Albania instead of Greece.

    The Arvante language may be similar to Albanian but they were also part of the Greek speaking RUM millet (unlike most Albanians of the time who were Muslim). Thus they saw their primary loyalties to Greece and the Greek orthodox church which is precisely why they fought for Greece.

    If it hadn’t been for Ottoman influence in Albania region (why half of Albanians are muslims today), and more locals had been orthodox Christians belonging to RUM millet, its quite possible Albanians would have ended up self-identifing as Greeks as Arvanties did. The different religion was the biggest stumbling block.

  12. I have observed when it was someone speaking Greek as their first language the anti-Greek trolls call them “Greek Speaking” rather then straight Greek. When it’s someone speaking some other language as a first language they are automatically part of some other ethnic group.

    Ergo – they are trying to imply is their identity is racially pure whereas Greeks are simple minded mongrels.

    Its hard to believe people still think this way. Modern DNA testing has already made short work of their crackpot racial theories that belong in the 19th century.

    None of our critics are racially pure. In addition, although we are not racial pure either DNA testing has repeatedly shown we have a strong biological link to ancient Greeks. (as opposed to “Ethiopians” like the Skopians bizarrely claim)

    Coupled with our language and culture means we are more related to ancient Greeks than say modern Brits to their ancient counterparts. Nobody goes on and on about them using the name “British” despite they have little to do biological, culturally or linguistically in common with ancient Brits. There is no reasoning with hate.

  13. Arvanties fought for Greece because they claimed to be Greek. If you ask them today they will say that they are Greeks and not smelly Albanians pigs… Also George Kastriotis ‘Skanderbeg” never claimed to be Albanian, he was an Prince of Epirus who spoke Greek, his father was Greek and mother was Serbian. So how the hell do these Albanians claim him to be a full blooded Albanian??

  14. Skenderbeg’s sword was displayed in Tirana, Albania . It will never be displayed in Grexit fake nation.
    Eiprus is Chameria . Albanians of Chameria will return and together with Albanians there that are of Orthodx faith will re-build the region and their homeland like never before.

  15. Genetic inputs????!!!!
    Where did you mongrel Armenian-Sirian-Ethiopian-Sllavic conglomerate are trying to claim the racial superiority with Chams!!!!
    Only morons and Grexit Fakes can do so!!!!
    Chams were the elite society of Epirus and there was the land of Barbarians which Homer has said and there is nothing Grexit there.
    Now only Vlach and Ethiopian Gypsies roaming the street but still Cham Ortodox Albanian practice Albanian in their homes same as Arvanites.
    Chams either Muslim or Orthodox could not speak or understand Turkish. Turkish was the mother tongue of 2 million “Greeks” fro Antaolia in 1923 exchange.
    Get of your racist and chauvinistic glasses and than you will understand that Grexit will be held responsible for the Genocid it committed in Chameria very soon…..

  16. These heroes were so ridiculed that you cannot reproduce one of their offspring today to say otherwise …
    thats how shameful it was and is

  17. You are not part of some pure race to be lecturing others (which DNA testing will easily show) Ridiculous claims that Greeks are “Ethiopians” only further illustrates how disingenuous you are along with your obsessive ranting against Greeks on this website.

    The reality is you the racist you bigot . You are the one threatening our nation and trying to delete the Greek people you crypto-Nazi.

  18. Don’t make me laugh. You are a manipulative racist threatening my SOVEREIGN homeland and trying to delete the Greek people. Evil crypto-nazi.

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