Turkey Warns Cyprus On Gas Reserves

turkcyprWith Cyprus hoping to fold in possible revenues from embryonic exploration of gas reserves off its coast into a revenue-raising package to satisfy international lenders who are withholding a 10 billion euros ($13 billion) bailout until the government can find a way to produce 5.8 billion euros ($7.5 billion) on its own, Turkey has warned of a “new crisis” in the eastern Mediterranean if Cyprus goes ahead with it.

Turkey, which does not recognize the international Law of the Sea, has its eyes on the potentially lucrative energy findings in the Aegean Sea and said that the island’s natural resources also belong to Turkish Cypriots who have occupied the northern third of the island since an unlawful Turkish invasion in 1974.

“The idea of the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCASC) to offer the natural resources of the island as collateral for a solidarity investment fund or any other borrowing scheme to be established due to its current economic crisis, ignoring the inherent rights of the Turkish Cypriots who are co-owners of the Island, is a dangerous manifestation of the illusion of being the sole owner of the Island, which may lead to a new crisis in the region,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“The Turkish Cypriot side has made two calls of cooperation to the Greek Cypriot side for an equitable sharing of the natural resources, on 24 September 2011 and 29 September 2012. The Greek Cypriot side, however, has not responded positively to these calls up to date. It is not acceptable that the Greek Cypriot side uses the economic crisis it is facing as an opportunity to create new fait accomplish,” added the ministry.

Cyprus’ official position is that natural gas revenues will be shared by all Cypriots but Ankara called for talks on this issue and the matter of reunification to speed up. “It is not our preference that the problem we are facing should lead to a crisis. We sincerely believe that it should constitute an opportunity and a new beginning for peace and a lasting settlement,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry said.

“The Turkish Cypriots will never become a minority in a Greek Cypriot state. Turkey will not allow this in any way. However, Turkey will respect the preferences of the two peoples on the Island. As this preference could be for establishing a new partnership – of which the parameters are well known – if the Greek Cypriots are to act unilaterally regarding the natural resources in the south of the Island and if they do not desire a partnership with the Turkish Cypriots, it could also be for the negotiation of a two state solution,” Ankara added.














  1. Believe me, it has nothing to do with not agreeing that makes one a fascist, but rather it is when one has fascist views that I disagree with!
    For example, like those vile, violent views peddled by the goldendawn fascist pigs who frequent this site that I very much disagree with!
    Having said that I equally disagree with extreme left views as well!

    Greek Love, Adde has always been synonymous with homosexuality in the Western world!
    This is because of ancient Greece’s military and non-military homosexual conditioning in Macedonian, Athenian, Theban, and Spartan societies!

  2. You didnt respond to anything I have said, you have just quoted large excerpts. Your complaint about the west being run by two parties etc. That entails a complaint about how international relations and how the law works. But, to get to the crux of your complaint, democracy does not mean the people get everything they want in contemporary times. In ancient times, if a majority wanted a person to be hung, quartered (cut in four pieces) and than burned the majority got what it wanted. Same with, if a country wanted to go to war. Kings/Monarchs always had an ear out for what the public wants, what pleases the public because otherwise they could be easily deposed. Modern day democracy has limits on everything – from speech (example rules/laws against anti-social behaviour/hate speech) to cultural values (gay marriage etc). Your complaint about the UK/US – I share those complaints but let me warn you going to a system where people get anything that they vote for or want without any limits – that’s dangerous and caused over a thousand years of war in Europe.

    Also, even muslims do not hold prayer in Hagia Sophia. Its a museum. Its not discriminatory towards Greeks alone. No one can hold prayer there and also its not a holy site. It was built by an emperor not a saint of the Orthodox Church. And with respect to your comments about Jerusalem – it sometimes allows prayer, imagine going into a church with AK 47s around you. What a fantastic way to offer prayer right? (sarcasm).

    You are on a rampage – stealing children? Harems? The Romanian Count Vlad (aka Dracula) impaled over 50,000 of its citizens.

    Are you aware that Ottoman princes, in the early days of the empire when Constantinople was still Byzantine, married into Byzantine nobility.

    Are you aware that in two battles the Byzantines borrowed money from the Turks?

    Are you aware that the Ottomans used a milliyet system on almost all areas/provinces they conquered so the people kept their own laws, churches, communities etc. How do you think most of the rebellions in the Ottoman provinces, when they came, started? They started from the community heads because the Ottomans let each community keep to themselves, they never integrated them – the young child levy that ended in the 1600s and was no different that what happened in some other European countries going back all the way to ancient times (e.g. Sparta).

    And finally there are 2.3 million British citizens that visit Turkey every year. There are almost 26 million people – mostly Christians that visit Turkey every year. They drink enormous amounts, they have sex in public on some occasions, they ignore all laws, they insult the locals, they have raped some of our girls, they pee/puke on the streets and you know what? Turks dont put up visas to keep them out or say “we dont want them because they dont integrate or respect our customs” (of course the law violators are prosecuted but your arguments just dont hold water….and you seem to be entrenched in a backward struggle with truth, reality and geopolitics.

  3. Look we can argue for ages but here are some points:

    1. The territorial integrity of Turkey is not going to be disturbed by anyone. The Turkish people, and every ounce of Turkish politics, is governed by the history of lost land. Turkey use to be a lot larger. There are still Turkish communities in the Balkans. The sooner you can put to rest phrases like “occupied Constantinople or Anatolia” the better but the read the second point.

    2. If Turkey joins the EU, with the exception of the respective Government budgets, there will be no difference. Both will be EU citizens. Greeks will be able to vote in many Turkish elections – I love Greeks whether for better or worse, they are good people – Greeks wil be able to live where ever they want in Turkey because they will have free movement. The key about Turkey joining the EU is: all EU citizens (after a period of derogation on some rights, similar to those applied to Bulgarian and Romanian citizens) are equal. It would be the same as if Greeks gently re-conquered some of their ancient roots. But, you are never ever going to disturb the physical integrity of Turkey. Cooperation and dialogue with Turkey and thinking about the long term can help Greece a lot. Right now though, putting walls in front of Turkey to even prevent negotiations on accession – 17 chapters of the 35 are frozen and cant be opened to negotiation – I dont see the purpose of this. Turkish accession may ultimately be rejected but one of the biggest winners will, in fact, be Greece.

    3. Believe it or not the EU, not the Euro currency, just the EU can help the Balkans. EU offers EU citizenship. Its like one big country. You can move – work, if you have legitimate prospects, almost anywhere you want, and these territorial border disputes become meaningless. There are many changes that need to be made in the EU, especially not allowing some countries whose budget/economy are not strong enough to join the currency. But it does have its benefits – its one big internal market, its a 16 trillion dollar economy as a whole and when it bargains with other players like China, or the US, it has a lot more weight than a small economy like say Croatia bargaining.

    4. You need to let the territorial disputes go – I can say globally that I like Greeks. I can also say globally that I dont like Greek fanatics though that are obsessed with territory – and that applies to every other nationality too. Yes, war is good for some but not for all. The world economy would go into a depression tomorrow, for instance, if Korea went to war with the US or Japan. Yes, many companies would profit but that profit would be at the expense of something else. Example: millions of soldiers at war by war supplies, but they dont buy new cars, TVs etc. Its in Turkey and Greece’s best interest to cooperate and grow strong together. You are not going to fix the past and Greece’s past problems go back well before the Turks and Turks well they have plenty to complain about too. As the Greek empire was carved up, conquered etc. Turkey for almost 150 years was known as the “Sick Man of Europe” and was carved up a 100 times or more. Just move on – open your mind, if EU countries such as Cyprus permitted Turkey to negotiate and it eventually fulfilled the accession chapters and joined the EU, both Greeks and Turks would be EU citizens. Greeks could vote, hold referendums and perhaps Hagia Sophia can be open for worship. Right now its just a museum so it doesnt have any “muslim” preference. Learn to live side by side and take hold of the opportunities available in the present – looking back, you cant undo anything, including Kossovo.

  4. I said this :
    “You also need to get out of France and go back to Greece. The Americans
    must leave the US and pay money for their human rights abuses to the
    native Indians etc. etc. Do you see how this line of argument doesnt

    You said this in reply:

    True, it would be very difficult to solve this but it is possible : Remember the Lausanne Treaty between Greece and Turkey in the 1920s were nearly all muslims from Greece were kicked out to Turkey and nearly all Orthodox from Turkey were kicked out to Greece.

    Yes, but in modern times you know that none of this “it is possible” is actually not possible. It would be against human rights and every other practical reality to tell 300 million Americans to leave America. It would be wrong to tell many of the people in countries in Europe to leave because they invaded thousands of years ago. Even the law is not on your side on this. You just cant undo hundreds of years or thousands of years of history to change the present because of what “you use to have.” Those types of views give fire to fanatics like Hitler who thought Germans were the superior race. Similarly, Constantinople and Anatolia were conquered hundreds of years ago, not from the Greeks, but from the Byzantines who inherited it from the Romans, who conquered from the Greeks (and at times the land was Persian as you know).

    Imagine someone kicking you out of your home in France under this logic/line of thinking. It doesnt work so dont try it.

  5. That’s called private justice. It happens with some Christians too. Whatever the case – that’s not sharia law. Sharia law is something done by the state, not by some random moufti or a city. And also, Turks would have a rebellion if someone tried to enforce strict sharia law in Turkey. Some religion in life – aka views on definition of marriage etc. are okay cause that is something the people have to evolve on – is okay but there is no shariah law in Turkey and I doubt there was sharia law in Thrace.

  6. Well, I think it is a revenge of societies who have been submitted by our Ancestors. Because at some poins, the enemy soldiers who lost against Greeks armies were raped to dominate them and take out from them the envy to fight.
    Now for the rest, saying “Greek Love” by speaking about Homosexuality is racism because you link a certain activity to a race, saying it comes from this race so this is racist to say that.
    Also I have seen that some far-leftists are as racists (if not even more) than the members of the XA party, especially towards Jews, German,and even Americans and let’s not forget the religious racism toward Orthodox Christians.

  7. True, British tourists are known to do stupid things when they are drunk but they don’t stay forever so it is a difficult situation but not permanent.

    Now for the democracy, the peoples should be obyed in every decision which can determine the future of the nation and the population (if the country engages in a war (excepted some cases where actions need to be taken quickly to protect peoples), if we need to welcome new peoples, ect …).
    Deciding the future of their nation is a Human Right of the citizens called Self Determination and in the so-called “West”, we have lost this right so we aren’t in Democracy anymore.

    For the rest, yes I know that Ottomans married Byzantine princesses and at the begininng of the Ottoman Empire, some Ottoman leaders wanted this Empire to be a continuation of the Byzantine Empire.

    Now for Aghia Sofia, what I say is : It should be opened to Orthodox Christians to have mass prayers (Even if the Turkish authority watch us, so nothing serious happen, with AK-47) and if you Turks are honest in wanted to repair relations with us Orthodox Christians, that the thing you must do because this is a very important thing wanted by many Orthodox Christians.

  8. “the Euro currency, just the EU can help the Balkans. EU offers EU citizenship. Its like one big country”.

    Well, personnaly I want Hellas and France out of this Union because it has only created misery for my 2 countries.

    For the €, Basically, it is the German Mark and this money is too strong for Hellas and France and since 2003 where in France the Franc was definitely abandonned for the €, the governement has began losing a tons of money when it comes to foregin trade.

    Nobody says it loud but France is nearly bankrupt.

    Now for the EU in itself, it only profits to the bankers and politicians and it is backed by the USA, a country which wants to push his model of society into Europe to dominate our continent.

    Just keep in mind that the USA model of society is possible because the ancestors of many of the current US citizens cleaned the place from the Indians to establish their current model of society while in Europe, the natives are still here.
    Plus, wait until there is a serious economic crisis and all communities will fight each others. The only thing which make them somehow tolerate and work a little together is the research of profit.

    An economic crisis would remove that and fights would follow.

    To finish, the EU Union is an Union of the Elites against the local peoples and we are getting robbed blind and have our Rights not respected. It was better before.

  9. You miss the points I made.

    What you describe is not a democracy. Its a tyranny of the majority. Look it up. If people want bankers to be tarred and feathered and there is no constitutional or human rights prohibition that’s no longer a democracy. Democracy does not literally mean “give the people what they want.” Your version of democracy is not democracy. Look it up. Any first year politics/IR student could tell you that. You want to go back to the “olden days,” that is backwards and not how the world works.

    You also buy into the populist lines hook line and sinker.

    The EU gives France and Greece free access to 28 countries’ markets. Economies dont function on their own – its by trade. It is not the EU’s fault, but corrupt Greek politicians who, literally Enron style, cooked Greece’s books. Getting in and staying in the Euro is like getting a big house on a mortgage. If you haven’t lied about your income or fudged the facts, you will be able to pay your mortgage and live in your new big house. If you can’t than you’ll eventually default.

    With respect to your praise of the American model, you seem to applaud how America “cleaned up the natives.” Yet, you want Turks to get out Constantinople? This is a seemingly contradictory line of argument. Worse, its factually incorrect. America, until very recently, was a melting pot. There are people in the U.S. from every country in the world and it has a very large and growing hispanic population.

    The society in Europe would work if countries played by the rules.

    I dont like bankers and am not going to say anything to support them. But just food for thought: everyone blames banks for the credit crisis. Yet, who took out the loans that they had no possibility of paying back? People. Yes, banks sold it to them but its the people who took them out. Who borrowed money that they couldnt pay back? People or Governments elected by the people. Yes, banks made a profit out of all of this but that is how capitalism works. People are motivated by profit: that is capitalism. And if the banks are about to go bust, the people do need to bail them out. Why? Banks work by lending every 90 cents of your 1 Euros of deposits to make money. If their capital is wiped out – so are you. When a bank gets bailed out, it means its depositors (its creditors) are bailed out too. Cyprus was the EU’s “payback” for Russia defaulting on $31 billions of loans and not caring about the local Greeks. In the end, yes bankers make a killing but that’s what motivates them to lend via credit cards, auto loans, homes, and even governments. Otherwise, would you lend me your money for no interest? No.

    Finally, you overlooked my point: if Turkey was an EU country. Greeks would have free movement rights in Turkey. They could move to Istanbul, vote in mayoral and other elections, have a referendum and have Haghia Sophia re-open for prayers without Ak-47s etc. etc. If Turkey is not an EU member, what on earth gives Greeks or anyone the right to interfere in its own affairs? Especially, when, as I have pointed out before, there is not one mosque in all of Athens – regardless of whether its an insult to Greece (as you put it). Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights guarantees religious freedom. Greece has already lost numerous cases and been ordered to permit building to go ahead in Athens yet the local politicians keep blocking construction and instead choose to pay money to the parties suing (despite its lack of money/insolvency). There is a right way to go about doing things – i.e. support Turkish accession to the EU and have a say in Turkish internal affairs or reciprocate gestures such as a mosque in Athens in return for prayer in Hagia Sophia – or there is a wrong way of doing things which is simply to attack Turks constantly and act like you have some right to order them around/interfere in their affairs.


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