Vladimir Putin Orders Cabinet to Study Restructuring Greek Cyprus Loan

President Vladimir Putin has instructed his government to negotiate the restructuring of a Russian bailout loan to Greek Cyprus, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.
The announcement signals Moscow’s support for a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) European Union rescue deal struck over the weekend, despite concern that Russian depositors in Greek Cyprus could take losses as a result.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Monday that Moscow intended to study the consequences of the Greek Cyprus bailout deal agreed in Brussels amid analyst warnings of Russian deposits suffering the biggest hit.
“We have to figure out what this story turns into in the long run, what the consequences for the international financial and monetary system will be — and thus, for our own interests as well,” news agencies quoted Medvedev as saying in Russia’s first official response to the rescue.


  1. Putin – “and thus, for our own interests as well,”

    Meanwhile our dumb*ss leftists think the world “cares” about them. In reality most of the world cares so little about greece, including their alleged leftist comrades, they are fully prepared to collude with FYROM in trying to ethnically delete us. (and that would include alleged “human rights” groups that I would note pretend not to notice FYROM;’s identity quick change to hide their patronizing racism towards Greeks for supporting them.)

    People give a token amount to ease their conscious and narrate themselves as generous but in practice most of the world only cares about themselves. (and that would include leftists that are seeking their own selfish greed when the demand wealth from the rich).

    The sooner Greeks realize this, the sooner we can fix our country. If we listen to anti-nationalist far leftist fantasies others “care” about Greeks, while our foreign “comrades” simultaneously are effectively working to ethnically erase us, Greece will eventually cease to be a Greek state and Greek people disappear off the face of the earth.


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