Karamanlis Death Plot, Phone Tap Linked

Kostas Karamanlis

A magistrate has ordered the investigations into the alleged assassination threat against former prime minister Kostas Karamanlis and the wire-tapping scandal against his government be combined into a single probe, the news site ENet reported.

Dimitris Foukas said there were common links between the cases, and that wire tapping scandal – which came to light in 2005 – continued until 2007, when the Karamanlis government was negotiating the South Stream pipeline project to bring Russian natural gas to Europe.

In early 2009, shortly before Karamanlis unexpectedly called national elections, the Russian Federal Security Service tipped off Greece’s National Intelligence Service (EYP) that then prime minister’s life was threatened.

The Greek wiretapping case of 2004-2005 involved the illegal tapping of more than 100 mobile phones on the Vodafone Greece network belonging mostly to members of the government and top-ranking civil servants.

The taps began sometime near the beginning of August 2004 and were removed in March 2005. A criminal case against “persons unknown” was opened last March but is yet to reveal significant progress.


  1. This assassination plot is just a myth to try to distant karamanlis from the crisis and not to incriminate him…

  2. …if this is true…if there was a plot to assassinate former Greek PM Kostas Karamanlis, it was certainly related to his negotiations for the construction of the Russian South Stream pipeline, which means that the only possible culprits were Greece’s “freinds” the Americans, and their CIA who were behind this arrogant plot to assassinate the Prime Minister of a sovereign nation, and an EU nation at that.
    The Americans knew that the EU would have played dumb, and not said a word against America for assassinating a Greek Prime Minister. No doubt major EU players like Germany knew, and may have even assisted in this plot. The Israeli mossad probably had it’s fingers in this operation as well, as CIA accomplices!

  3. The man is a Criminal and should be put away with Samaras ans Venizelos and their cronies in the phoney Coaltion selling out Greece to anyone paying them bribes.


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