Two New Metro Stations Open In Athens

phpcpgjmxam-thumb-mediumMore than 50, 000 passengers daily are expected to use the two new metro stations in the western suburbs of Athens, the neighborhoods of Peristeri and Anthoupoli, making it easier to get into downtown in under 13 minutes from the last stop.

The stations were finished a few years ago, along with a number of others, but their opening was delayed because of a scandal involving the German engineering company Seimens that pushed back critical operational installations. That was resolved when the company agreed to pay damages to the government.

The red line had ended at Aghios Antonios station, also in Peristeri. The extensions went into operation on April 6. Officials hope the availability of the stations will also lessen traffic on a major artery.

Ironically, a new town hall for Peristeri was completed and opened briefly to great ceremony several years ago but promptly closed to allow work to finish on the station which opens almost in front of the building’s doors. It has remained largely unused since then.

Four more stations will open in July, on the metro red line and one on the metro blue line in the coming autumn, extending down to Athens’ southern coast and along beach front areas, although not in time for summer.



  1. Another free fare. I’m smarts, I don’t validate my card & nobody is around to watch. Everybody is on strike or siesta

  2. It’s absolutely MAD that the Greek authorities don’t put up ticket-barriers, as in other countries, that they expect every person to be honest and to never take free rides.

    Think of all the money that could be made for the benefit of Greece if the Metro in Athens had ticket-barriers.

  3. I completely agree with you Jesus, it’s such a dumb system. I always validate my ticket if ever I use the metro. Why can’t they get this right and just conform like the rest of Europe….no sense what so ever seriously dumb.


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