Students Occupy NTUA Over Indymedia Shutdown

    88B539E1A88C2D1C397282EF5C82D45FA  group of Greek students of the National Technical University of Athens took over the buildings and Network Administration at the school to protest the shutdown of Indymedia Athens.

    Access to the website access was disabled, reportedly on the orders of Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias.

    Along with the university network, the server was providing access to Indymedia Athens, to the online radio stream and website of Radio98FM, a self-organized radio station, which was broadcasting from inside NTUA, as well as Radio Entasi.

    The students claimed the existence of a relevant court order following an accusation of a private radio station that the frequency of their radio inserted the frequency of their own radio station.

    There have been also conflicting reports over who cut internet access at NTUA. Some say state telecom, while others say it was the university dean.


    1. Anyone here ever been on Indymedia? They put up pictures of people, try to find their names and addresses, then openly plan to attack them. Anarchists and Communists openly brag about violence and plot it on this webportal , it’s about time someone took a stand against it.

      Unfortunately, a lot of these Anarchists have wealthy connected parents who spoil them. They don’t like their little angel not having what they want, even if it’s destructive and pushes violence.

    2. Wouldn’t they be better off using the website to track down and arrest these people in the act of attacking them rather than closing down the website which will only result in a different website being created to serve the same purpose?

    3. Wouldn’t it be better to use the information available on the website to track down and catch those anarchists in the act of attacking someone rather than closing it down which will only result in a new website being created to serve the same purpose?


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