Immigrants in Greece Into the Fire

into the fireInto the Fire is an investigative documentary directed by Guy Smallman and Kate Mara, which raises the problem of refugees and immigrants in Greece who are facing strict austerity measures as well as growing racism.

“The refugees abandoned their homes, seeking safety in Greece, a country which, due to its geographical borders with Turkey, makes it one of the main gateways in Europe,” the creators of the film noted.

“However, when entering Europe, European legislation itself prevents them from moving to other European countries. Nevertheless, in Greece, the treatment of refugees in asylum procedure is atrocious, as much as their detention in or from the country, as well as the living conditions.”

With no refuge, legal permits or support, all they receive is the growing and often violent trend of racism. These attacks do not target only the refugees, but every foreigner, including immigrants living in Greece for years.

Despite the inflammatory propaganda created by the far-right extremist party of Golden Dawn, and the wave of murderous attacks, the state and the police seem reluctant to address the problem. Complaints against police showing a friendly attitude to Golden Dawn is now a common secret. Refugees send a message to Europe and the rest of the world: “Let us go!”

In the first part of the documentary there are shocking testimonials of refugees and immigrants regarding their living conditions in Greece. There is also an investigation into racist attacks and violence against immigrants.

The second part includes Greek citizens speaking on the issue of the lack of commitment on the Greek state’s behalf and the police’s responsibilities. A Greek lawyer describes police violence against his customers, which reached the limits of brutality and could also be described as torture.

The documentary was released on April 21 in many web pages across Europe translated into several languages ​​and will be screened on April 29 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.


  1. These leftists don’t appreciate Golden Dawn. ANY foreigner who thinks they can step in Greece & speak another language but Greece will get their head smashed in. Greece is for Greeks!

  2. Turks are too friendly with Europe, they’d better give the refugees weapons so they can get some legality. Only beweaponed migrants are legal that shows the history of illegal states of america.

  3. Why are you posting under my handle troll… and lying about my views?

    Remind me who’s the facsist against trollski?

  4. ILLLEGALS are not “immigrants”.

    The “School of Oriental and African Studies” is based in London. The UK DEPORTS ILLEGALS (including deporting them back to Greece under the ridiculous terms of Dublin 2). The UK fines employers for hiring illegals.

    Those that overly complain about Greeks for wanting to deport the illegals that lawlessly violate our borders are prejudicial towards Greeks. (including the leftist extremists that offensive constantly right about them and try to frame them as legal immigrants).

  5. Why doesn’t patronzing RACIST Guy Smallmall make a video about his native UK slandering it as “racist” for the British being hostile towards illegals and wishing to deport them?

    “Cameron unveils immigration crackdown”

    “Deporting illegal immigrants costs UK £100 million a year”

    UK PENIALIZED any employers that hire ILLEGAL workers

  6. More about this manipulative attempt by leftist extremists (including leftist idiots on Greek Reporter) trying delete the word ILLEGAL when reporting on these masses of illegals violating European borders.

    A SENIOR Eurocrat sparked outrage last night after calling for the phrase “illegal immigrant” to be banned from the European Union.

    Cecilla Malstrom wants the term ‘illegal immigrant’ eradicated from the European Union. Cecilia Malmstrom, the EU’s home affairs commissioner, said she wanted to “eradicate” the term from Brussels documents.

    She has instructed EU Commission staff to refer to foreigners who break border control laws as “irregular migrants” or simply “people” instead.illa Malmstrom

    But her attempt to dictate how the issue of immigration is discussed was savaged last night. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage said: “Now the EU is even trying to change the language.

    “This sounds like something straight out of the pages of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. It shows that what we are dealing with here is a totalitarian mindset.”

    It shows that what we are dealing with here is a totalitarian mindset Nigel Farage Mrs Malmstrom spoke out about the phrase “illegal immigrant” on Twitter yesterday. She
    praised the US news agency Associated Press, which dropped the phrase
    from its handbook on writing style for journalists.

    In a message, she wrote: “The EU should follow. I’ve worked to eradicate
    the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from all commission docs. No human being is
    ‘illegal’, ever.”She praised the Associated Press for “a milestone decision”, adding: “Words matter.”

  7. Meanwhile in Mr. Smallman’s native UK….

    “David Cameron urges people to report illegal immigrants” David Cameron: “I want everyone in the country to help with this

    “UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he “wants everyone in the country” to
    help “reclaim our borders” by reporting suspected illegal immigrants.”

  8. Meanwhile in Mr. Smallman’s native UK…..

    they have roughly 1/10th the number of illegals per capita of Greece.

  9. Despite the UK having far far less ilegals per capita than Greece, in the UK, the leftwing generally doesn’t complain too much about the UK GOVERNMENT DEPORTING ILLEGALS AND HAVING LAWS AGAINST HIRING ILLEGALS. Unfortunately this is quite unlike how foreign leftist bigots treat Greeks (where every Greek that objects to the massive violation of our borders is automatically accused of fascism and racism)

    Along with some foreign meddlers, some TREASONOUS Greek leftist extremists unfortunately are manipulatively trying to turn these lawless border violators into legal immigrants that are discriminated against!

    Let me repeat some TREASONOUS leftist extremists are manipulatively
    trying to turn these lawless border violators into legal immigrants that
    are discriminated against! The perp is the victim. The victim the perp.

    I would also note that these same Greek leftists extremists that rant “racism” and “fascism” against any Greek that tries to defend our borders, do not equally do the same for other nations around the world that both have firm LAWS AGAINST HIRING ILLEGALS and DEPORT ILLEGALS (including the nations these illegals all these illegals come from… including the native homelands on the Guardian editorial board and alleged human rights group like the pretentious Am-Nasty International)

    In other words, given their prejudices, these so-called “Greeks” are RACIST against


  10. Alas, Guy Smallman (of the UK that deports illegals and has laws against hring illegals) didn’t so seem interested in making any films about racism and fascism directed at Greeks. Like many of the modern British, apparently Mr. Smallman… who claims to be against racism…. believes it ok to ethnically erase Greeks.

  11. I think millions of Muslims should violate your borders. Seeing as Skopje used to be part of the Muslim Ottoman empire I’m sure the ultra nationalist fanatic former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians that call themselves “Macedonians” today wouldn’t mind. You can even give back your capital city its original Turkish name of Uskub.

    Macedonians for the Macedonians.. and Uskub for the Bulgarians in denial

    Has a ring to it.


    ‘We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’ – FYROM´s Ambassador Canada, Gyordan Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper February 24 1999

  12. Turks were one of the first state to recognize the Zionist Israeli State because they are the same as the Israelis.
    The Israeli Jews occupy Jerusalem and the Turks occupy Constantinoupolis.
    Same behavior.
    So if for you the Turks are too friendly with Europe, then you also mean that the Israelis are too friendly with the Palestinians because the behavior of theses 2 groups is the same.
    Excepted that at least the Israelis let the Muslim Palestinians pray at Al-Aqsa sometimes …

  13. Have you even watched the film American Alex?
    What possible comparisons are you trying to suggest with the illegal immigrant situation in Britain?
    As usual you are trying to distract us from the story and the evidence, and push your twisted agenda. Perhaps blame leftists, or Skopians etc?
    You truly have a sick obsession with our affairs here in Greece.
    Why don’t you come to Greece and experience the real situation first hand?

  14. Hey look the Skopian invades black and white evidence of your own government saying you are not related to Macedonians.

    I seem to recall that much of the the UK was a former Roman Province. A former Viking province. A former Norman province.

    I also remember that you Skopians were under the Ottomans even longer than Greeks. You, and you scumbag apologists like Cameron, seem to have forgotten you used to freely self-identify as ethnic Bulgarians.

  15. Hey is it the Prime Minister again? You sure sound like him.

    Seems like you are trying to distract you scumbag.

    When Greeks want to deport illegals and fine employers for hiring them… its framed as “racism” by moronic Greek far leftist and patronizing foreign bigots (of the variery that also pretend not to notice FYROM’s sudden transformation).

    When the UK, which has far less illegals per capita that Greece, deports illegals and fines employers for hiring them, its framed as enforcing the law!

    This is RACISM against Greeks.

  16. Is that the same dishonerable David Cameron that now pretends not to notice you former self-identifying ethnic Bulgarians sudden transformation from Slavs into descendents of ancient Macedonians?

    “It is no wonder that, in matters of politics in the Balkans, Greece feels misunderstood. It cannot understand why, after it stood alone with the United Kingdom against the forces of fascism between 28 October 1940–Ohi day, as it is still called–and 27 April 1941, when Athens finally fell, its former allies now appear to be taking the part of forces against which it stood, especially when, after the second world war, it endured those further four years of civil war to hold the line against the communist advance to the Aegean. That was done for the United States and for the United Kingdom especially–the world powers of the
    time–and those Governments objected, in 1944, to Tito’s change of the name of Vardar Banovina.” – House of Commons Hansard Debates. May 9 1995

  17. The attacks in Boston are a lesson for Greece about unaccounted immigration.Amongst the millions of undocumented immigrants living within Greek borders, many come from regions full of extremists where human life means nothing, as these Chechens did. Pakistanis are probably the largest ethnic groups amongst the illegals in Greece, and it would be a huge mistake to believe that their previous political affiliations or violent culture would change just because they cross a border. It is unknown how many millions of illegal immigrants there are in Greece exactly, much less if they are criminals or wanted extremists escaping their home countries.  Now with the Greek government’s decision to construct a Mosque in Athens, with tax-payer money, they are implying that they are going to let the invaders stay. It is becoming clearer every day that the Greek establishment’s Left and the Right simply do not care about the well-being of the people they are supposed to protect.

  18. Mongoslavia has an over 25% muslim population, most who are of Albanian ancestry and wouldn’t think twice of joining a Greater Albania. The joke is on the Mongoslavians, have fun when your country rips in half.

  19. Alex, again hijacks this forum. Look at all the posts, 25 of them, and 22 are from Alex and his aliases.
    Honestly, where do you get all the hate from?

  20. Not trying to distract, that’s your game obviously.
    I am referring to the film. Largely about refugees, not illegal immigrants wishing to settle in Greece, and their experiences in Greece, and the fears of uneducated fools led by parties like GD and morons like yourself.

  21. Isn’t this the same group of communists who went around rioting and bombing buildings because the government wouldn’t help pay off their student loans for them? It seems like all they actually want are CHEAP SLAVES… they certainly aren’t helping anyone that’s for sure.


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