Dendias Says Greeks Aren’t Xenophobes

Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias
Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias

Defending Greece’s roundup of immigrants suspected of being in the country unlawfully, Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, during a trip to New York, told CNN International that, “The Greek society is not xenophobic at all, rather the opposite.”

He spoke to CNN about Greek strikes, social unrest and xenophobia. Asked about the rising numbers of racist attacks, Dendias responded that the ministry has “taken all necessary measures to protect any human being in Greece”, stressing that illegal migratory flows present “a huge problem”.

The minister pointed to the fact that Greece receives 90% of all illegal immigrants in the EU, adding that “if you add that to the existing crisis in the economy, really it creates a very difficult situation for the Greek society.”

Dendias’ statements come just days after 29 Bangladeshi workers were shot in the village of Manolada for demanding back pay. The incident attracted international attention, with the connection being made with the rise of racially-motivated attacks in Greece, some blamed on the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has denied the claims.

Answering a question on how unemployment affects social unrest, Dendias said that youth unemployment is “close to 45% and maybe even more”, when in fact the unemployment rate among under 25s is almost 60%, according to the latest available data, an embarrassing gaffe for a government minister.

Dendias expressed his hope that “there will be no more strikes,” saying that “there is light at the end of the tunnel and I think the Greek society has finally seen that light,” although he didn’t say how that jibed with social unrest over austerity measures.

During a speech at NYU, he said that, “As part of a concerted campaign to enforce the law in the centers of Athens and other major cities since last August, hundreds of drug dealers, thieves, smugglers and traffickers have been arrested and brought to justice.”

He also visited the FBI and NYPD offices, where he was briefed on matters of police training and combating crime. Dendias also met with the head of the bureau’s New York office, George Venizelos.




  1. The lying Greek left and kleptocrat establishment have used the monopoly they hold over the media to try and blame Golden Dawn for the shooting of illegal immigrant workers in Manolada. It has been shown that the strawberry farm owners and supervisors behind the shootings were-as Golden Dawn predicted-diehard supporters of PASOK!

    Already, the lying Marxists, have produced unlimited brochures, t-shirts, buttons and internet campaigns blaming Golden Dawn for this attack. Lying to the people in a sociopathic way is the strongest weapon in the Leftist’s arsenal, if they repeat the lie enough times it soon becomes heretical to contradict it with the truth.

    The accusations were preposterous all along, Golden Dawners without exception are opposed to the use of illegal slave work, unethical labor practices, and most importantly adding to the suffering of the Greek people by hiring illegal immigrants over natives.    Now that it is proven the farm owners were PASOK supporters, where are the calls to outlaw the thieving traitors of PASOK? What about the other parties in Greece that cover up modern day slavery and human trafficking under the facade of “human rights” and “anti-racism”?

  2. With Syriza, PASOK, KKE, and New Democracy all enacting or supporting policies for illegal immigration in Greece, they should look in the mirror to see only Golden Dawn’s policy would’ve prevented the shootings of these illegal Bangladeshi immigrants slaving away on the strawberry farm at Manolada. (Note: The farm is owned by greedy corrupt supporters of PASOK).
     With “human rights” on their lips, these same corrupt pawns of globalism promote human trafficking, modern slavery, and brutal exploitation at the expense of both Greeks and the very illegal aliens they claim to care so much about. 
    Greek jobs are for Greek people. Golden Dawn will send home all illegal immigrants and penalize those who take part in these unconstitutional, unethical, and unGreek labor practices. Both the left and the right support immigration because the slavery enriches the big farm owners who in turn, support the parties in parliament. The Golden Dawn movement will defeat slave-drivers and their political enablers, end race replacement, and bring employment back to the betrayed and suffering Greek working class.

  3. CNN international portrays itself as anti-racist but in practice is anti-Greek. CNN “reporters” reference the blatently obvious Slavs in FYROM as “ethnic Macedonians”. Now that the former Yugoslavians have turned into ancient Macedonians… right before the eyes of their patronizing apologists….not once… not once.. have the dishonourable cockroach FYROM apologists mentioned this “minor” detail.

    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
    “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
    unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
    Greece” – US State Department Dec, 1944 (Foreign Relations Vol. VIII
    Washington D.C. Circular Airgram – 868.014/26)

  4. There will be no “light at the end of the tunnel” for Greece till it grows a pair and leaves the euro.

    The first step to saving Greece from foreign domination is to evict the German satraps who control your puppet Government.

    Show you have the cojones to deal with that first before you attack Muslims and Macedonians.

    So many enemies…so little focus.

  5. “Attack Macedonians”…. lovely. Its Greeks “attacking” FYROM natioanists… not the other way around? Pardon since when were anceint macedonians Slavic?

    Throwing that casually in explains all we need to know about your motivations trollski.

  6. Greek politicians are the finest of the crop. They don’t even care or notice that there is 60% unemployment amongst youths, which in reality is a lot higher anyway.

  7. Cockroaches are those that effectively collude with FYROM nationalists in trying to ethnically delete Greeks by calling the former Yugoslavians “Macedonians”.

    I love how you keep defending Muslims but attack Germans and Jews. So your motivations aren’t human rights after all.

    Are you legally in Greece? If not, it would explain why you apologize for Greek communist extremists and are so focused on GD

  8. You Skopians with an even higher unemployment rate and third world GDP/capita are hardly in the position to talk. Perhaps if your government spent money building infrastructure rather than purchasing giant made-in-Italy statues to ancient Greek historical figures… you would be further along 20 years post communism.

  9. Greece was the only western country that strongly supported the Palestinians for decades out of pity. How did the Arabs repay us? By of course calling the Skopians “Macedonians” and trying to ethnically delete us. At least the Jews are know how to treat their friends. They don’t spit on them as our alleged friends have done to us.

  10. “Macedonians” ? So finally you were really a racist against Greeks after all …

    Trying to deny their identity to a population is one of the biggest act of racism amongs all.

  11. Now finally, we get a bit of insight into American boy ALEX’s distant Greek identity, the source of his blinded and persistent hatred, and agenda……..

    “How did the Arabs repay us? By of course calling the Skopians “Macedonians” and trying to ethnically delete us”

  12. Okay seriously, what the hell is with people saying Macedonians are separate from Greeks? If you study any REAL un-bias history you will find that Macedonians were and always will be GREEK it’s even derived from the Greek language. If it’s about claiming the Macedonian empire as ones own, Slavs have the Russian Empire and majority of the land they took is still theirs, hence why Russia is so big, so why the big fuss? Macedonia being Skopian is just communist lies, and who can really believe communists, they’re the biggest liars in history especially when it comes to genetics. I’m not even Greek(Just another pissed off European) but really, this debate is completely ridiculous, I’ve studied Greek history enough in my life to know when people make up lies. It is just Racism and identity theft of the Greeks and their history, nothing more.


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