Greece Will Go After Racists, Xenophobes

racist crimesIn the wake of repeated criticism from NGO’s and human rights groups too little has been done to combat rising assaults against immigrants, the Greek government is planning to introduce legislation calling for tougher penalties against racist and xenophobic crimes to comply with European Union directives.

Some of the assaults have been blamed on the anti-immigrant neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party which has denied them although admitting it wants all immigrants deported and would like to place land mines around the country’s border to keep them from getting in too.

SKAI TV reported that Deputy Justice Minister Costas Karagounis has the draft bill ready and is looking for broad support, not just from the three parties serving in the governing coalition.

According to sources, the bill foresees anyone found guilty of racist behavior, including in the media and on the Internet, facing between three and six years in jail and a fine of up to 20,000 euros ($26,000.) The penalties will also apply to acts of racist violence.

The Racist Violence Recording Network, a collection of 30 nongovernmental organizations initiated two years ago by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR), said in a report last week that a total of 154 racist attacks were recorded in Greece in 2012. It warned that such attacks were becoming more frequent and violent.

In November 2008 the European Council adopted the “Framework Decision on combating certain forms and expressions of racism and xenophobia by means of criminal law.” EU countries were obliged to transpose it into their national laws by November 2010.


  1. These leftists are ruining our country. WHY should we allow anyone that is not Greek to enter our country? We have the right to protect ourselves from these putrid invaders. The same goes to the Slavs of FYROM who think they are Macedonians. Antonio Samaras says we are pure descendants of Amcient Greeks since antiquity so I believe him. he tells the truth! He may look part Turkish but he is Greek!

    We Greeks are the cradle of democracy and it shall not be destroyed by filth. I say we get rid of all the evidence and any foreigner we will make disappear !

    To all the Greeks out there, support Golden Dawn by donating money to my bank account.

  2. Hey Skopian!
    Look and listen to your own leader Kiro Gligorov, the first elected President of FYROM, clearly stating on TV that the people in FYROM who call themselves Macedonians, are merely Slavs, with no ethnic connection to Alexander the Great.

    “We are Slavs. There’s no connection between us and Alexander the Great”
    — Kiro Gligorov First elected President of FYROM.

  3. The above photo is from the 2005 Cronulla race riots in Australia.
    Why is the author of this article using it on a story about Greece?
    Ofcourse what can you expect from the lying manipulative leftist Marxist media such as “Greek reporter” ? Here is another example of Marxist media manipulation in Greece, using photoshop to in an attempt to convince the long decieved Greek public that armed Golden Dawn members invaded a hospital.

  4. This law will not however apply to illegal invaders who harms Greeks nor to Pasok supporters that like to shoot!

  5. Question Mr Dabilis…does this law apply to self loathing scum that are racist against their own people??? Just wondering…

  6. golden idiots will go the way of the nazi in the 40s. get off the computer and go take a nap

  7. What is a “racist and xenophobic” crime? If I say I don’t want any ILLEGAL MIGRANTS in my country, am I a racist and xenophobe worthy of jail and fines time?

    Are we going to have internet police?

    Are we going to have language police in every corner?

    Are we going to have “call-in you’re neighbor if he says anything about ILLEGAL MIGRANTS” hot lines?

    Have we finally arrived in the liberal-fascism point were if you don’t comply with the right thinking, you suffer?

  8. “rising assaults against immigrants”.

    Since when borders violators who for many contacted MAFIAS to commit an illegal act (enter Greece illegally) are immigrants ?

    Theses peoples who sneaked into the borders are ALL criminals.

    And when will the medias finally speak regading the racist attacks against Greeks committed by theses outlaws and the self-hating racists of the far-left ?

    Again journalists, don’t forget tha 71% of all crimes in Greece are committed by theses so-called “immigrants” (official number).

    Again, where are the complains regarding what is happening to the local peoples living in the center of Athens (and others cities such as Patras, Korinthos, ect …) because of the invaders that many journalists falsly call “immigrants” ?

    Most attacks against illegals have been retaliations after the illegals have committed serious crimes towards Greeks. What this important precision isn’t explained in this article ?

    Here what the local peoples (including some members of my close family) living near the center of Athens have had to suffer because of the illegals :

    And again, the more you journalists call GD neo-nazis, the more you make the nazi ideology being something popular because after all, the GD members are criticized for their ACTIONS (as contrary to many of thoses who criticize them only to HIDE the fact they do nearly nothing) and some of their actions are very well perceived by the peoples.

    Like this action for example :
    “Greek Far-Right Golden Dawn Abolish Toll Stations By Force”

    Basically, in the end, you leftist journalis are making this party very popular : if being a neo-nazi consists to abolish toll station (roads built by the taxes and privatized = unfair) so the families can be together at Easter, protect the old ones, give charity to your countrymen, ect … then it’s not surprising that what your call “neo-nazism” is becoming so popular. Seriously, why would locals find bad the behavior of the GD members I just cited while it’s in their interests ?

    Frankly, the Golden Dawners should thank you journalists for all the good publicity you are giving to them because you are giving them a very good publicity.

    By always attacking the GD guys who at least ACT while in the meantime so little things are done by the others parties, you journalists are giving Golden Dawn a tremendous help.

  9. There are different kinds of users with the name “Alex” on this website and this one is one of the trolls : He just called our prime minister “Antonio” Samaras, which means this user isn’t Greek.

  10. Do we hear governments, the mass media, and academia calling for Japan to bring in millions of non-Japanese people and assimilate with them because they’re “not diverse enough”?

    Exactly — we ONLY hear this about White countries. You anti-Whites are calling for the genocide of White people.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  11. Doubftful you have anything to worry about. When con-men can freely operate in Plaka and around the Acropolis Museum, fleecing tourists left and right and all the while the useless policemen on their mopeds just sitting back and looking in the other direction..when people free urinate in public…when the Russian Mafia openly hold their daily get-togethers in the plaza of Mitropolis Church…when people arrogantly drive thier motorcyles and cars in pedestrian areas without a care at all for the safety of the children, pets, old people, etc who are walking, supposedly without the bother of vehicles and no one seems to care, especially the city police… When littering and illegal dumping seems to be the National past-time…when thugs ruin each and every sporting event that takes place these days…DO NOT WORRY, you can still openly hate people from other countries, of other colors, of other religions and of other languages without any fear whatsoever from the people who stand around doing nothing and getting paid for it who also happen to be wearing a badge and a chip on their shoulders, after-all, they are on your side anyway.

  12. Ministry of Freedom…..hahaha

    Too many stupid people wont get it. Too many idiots think freedom is whatever they agree with…..until it’s their turn to be prosecuted for their thought crimes.

  13. Wow. You clearly never make ‘typo’s’ because you are perfect…hence your thriving country. 350 billion euros to Greece & you are on your knees begging for a bailout.

    Don’t you think you stuffed up somewhere? Spelling may have been perfect but your digits were not. Dyslexic perhaps? Maybe claim an invalid pension now Greece because of your disability.

  14. Outrageous. These are Jewish groups worldwide pushing for this while those same Jewish groups openly deny the Armenian Genocide and Holodomor. Those same Jewish groups spew hate towards Persians, Palestinians and Israeli Christians too.

  15. Sorry Skopian but the “o” and the “s” are far away from each others on a keyboard … so no typo’s mistake … As for the rest, look at the situation in your Fyromite country before talking about Hellas … By the way, how many of your population is ethnic Albanian already ? 30% or is it near than 40% now ?

  16. They’re white when they want to organize for ethnic self-defense and to save Western civilization. They’re not white when cultural Marxists want to pretend Greek culture and history just fell down from the sky.

  17. I like to pretend to I care about leftists and ilelgals. Meanwhile in my own country I support ultra rightwing Gruevski who hates Albanians and tells me we pure racial descendents of ancient Macedonians — rather than the truth. Most of us are direct descendents of people that freely self-identified as ethnic Bulgarian prior to Yugoslav communists.

    We former self-identifying ethnci Bulgarians, that now inhabitent the ancient region of Paeonia, love building giant Alexander statues and dressing up in plastic armour while he lecture Greeks about history. We tell everyone we are the real descendents of ancient Macedonians… while our alleged “human rights” apologists pretend not to notice our identity change into ancient macedonians and the endless hate speech against Greeks.

  18. what about the 2011 athens riots where muslims trashed athens and attacked greeks? Or how 1 in 5 greeks are unemployed but they still have to let more immigrants in to compete for what little jobs are left. the racists are the media manipulators who apply double standards in the white world to destroy it.

  19. Adde, its just the same Skopians that keep changing handles. (I think its 2 or three based on writing style). They obsess over me because I constantly point out they are manipualtively changing handles (pretending to be Greeks, British, Germans, and everything else under the sun online)

    Spreading Skopian verision of “human rights”.

  20. Unfortunately our leftist morons eat up this “human rights’ propaganda without question. The truth is though anyone can put the words “human rights’ into their sentences. it doesn’t actually put them above being racist toward others or supporting oppressive causes. (even crytpo-fascism like FYROM’s MHRMI organization). Objective rights are not as easy as simply manipulatively claim to be all-knowing authority on what should be a rights to try and negate any discussion of one’s political views.

    If these patronizing foreign funded NGOs that criticize Greeks were serious about fighting racism they would be criticizing the Skopians that they decided to call “Macedonians”. Where is their voice now the the Skopians have turned from Slavs in “ancient macedonians” right before their eyes?

    Their dead silence over FYROM’s now obvious attempts to usurp Greek history, constant hate speech against Greeks, and irredentism agianst Greek state only illustrates that some of those that claim to be “against racism” are in fact racist towards Greeks. (to the point they are literally willing to collude with the Skopians in trying to ethnically erase us to cover up their mistakes).

    If our countrymen ultimately foolish enough to buy into this :pretentious “human rights’ propaganda… by those colluding with people literally trying to ethnically delete Greeks… then Greece will eventually cease to be a Greek state.

  21. The goldendawn fascist pigs need to be strung up by their ankles like their beloved Mussolini and publicly whipped before the whole Athenian demographic to show how racist red neck violence that they commit is dealt with!
    All the fascist pigs on this site like Alex the diasporic fascist all need to learn that their red neck white supremacist views don’t belong in Greece!
    These diasporic fascist pigs lie Alex the goldendawn fascist, should be jailed in their US homelands for inciting racism in our land!

  22. The Greek government should hunt tax evaders, corrupt politicians and gangs from the public service sector that stole the country’s wealth and bankrupt its economy…

  23. That picture is from the Australian Cronulla riots, a retaliation because of Lebanese hate crimes against White Life Guards. Fail again Left-Wing media. Whites are 5x more likely to be victims of racist hate crimes in most places, in South Africa they’re being killed off. Seriously, you can’t fool anyone anymore, you’re fighting a discrimination that DOES NOT exist!

  24. The fact is minorities(Not minorities world-wide) are causing the social problems in the west, their crimes exceed that of the Majority wherever they go and why SHOULD we put up with it? Why SHOULD we aid people that cause more trouble to us than it is worth?

  25. It can start by banning the “Koran” which has hateful versus against us non Muslims. The vast majority of illegal immigrants in Athens are third world Muslims who are taught to hate non muslims. Islam is institutional hatred. Sura 4:34 allows a muslim man to beat his wife. i wonder what SYRIZA and KKE think of that?

  26. You are right but at least be consistent. The Koran, the Old Testament, the New Testament are all trash.

    Golden Dawn members and people who hide behind religion for racist and sexist behaviour (mostly Muslims but many Christians and Jews as well) should all be punished.

    Mosques should absolutely be disallowed in Greece but so should any racist gathering.

  27. A great chance to clean Greece of racist muslims, Golden Dawn members, Orthodox priests who preach hatred instead of love. The law should encompass all, not just Golden Dawn.

  28. Anti-White, and anti-Greek, Semitic trash like you will be the ones “strung up by the ankles”, and field dressed like a Deer, when the ethnic Greeks finally take back their country. That day can’t come soon enough; I’ve had enough of you arrogant non-Whites.

  29. Draconian laws directed against the native Greek populace because they resent the takeover of their homelands by foreigners ?
    These are RACIST laws targeting the democratic resurgence and the free will of the Greek people! Racism and intolerance towards the Greek people.
    Put their minds in shackles will you Political traitors? who would sell the soul of the nation.
    If they do pass these unconstitutional laws then it is the duty of the Greeks to press on against the very apparent tyranny of the regime

  30. What about the racist Leftists and Communists who hate their own Greek people and want to see their culture and heritage destroyed under the ludicrous Marxist ‘feel-good’ banner of “harmony”? I love how you (intentionally) didn’t mention them. Now we know where your loyalties lie, Pinko dickhead.

  31. What about racist Communist gatherings, or are they allowed because you support them?

  32. Being against one’s own race is an oxymoron you moron.

    I don’t like leftists or communists either.

    You are so stupid that you think anyone who doesn’t support GD is a Communist.

  33. maybe there was a loss in translation. Is it the responsibility of the greek government or any government for that matter to take care of the citizens of other countries? To allow the worship of religions that are antithetical to women’s rights and impose their views on non-believers. If you don’t think that White democratic nations don’t allow the imposition of islam then, please by all means, draw a picture of the prophet mohammed and exercise your freedom of speech by posting it online, around your neighbourhood or in at mosques oh and don’t forget to post your name, phone number and address so the peace loving muslims can contact you and congratulate you on your fair depiction their prophet.


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