Avramopoulos Says No Minaret At Mosque

avramopoulosAlthough the Greek government will pay for the country’s first official mosque in the Athens neighborhood of Votanikos, it will not allow a minaret, Foreign Minister Avramopoulos stated in a letter sent to the Parliament, following a report of the independent MP Nikos Nikolopoulos.

Avramopoulos said that the mosque, which have a capacity of 350, will be developed at an existing state building, an unused naval base that will be renovated in an industrial area. He said a minaret would not be harmonious with the surroundings.

“The matter of the construction of a mosque has bothered the State’ bodies in a long term, so as the best possible solution for the maintenance of the integral balance and safety would be found,”, Avramopoulos reported. He added that “at the same time it is a standing request of the Muslim residents of Greece.”

He added that, “The government, with transparency, makes moves that anyone can check and that are not defined from expediencies.” The country’s Muslims have been pressuring the government for years to build them a mosque as they now have to use basements, garages and other makeshift facilities.



  1. Why on earth is the Greek government going to pay for the building of a mosque in Athens! There are Arab sheikhs who would gladly hand over billions to establish a base for Islam in Greece!

    There was a population exchange in 1923, just 90 years ago, to rid Turkey of all Christians, and to rid Greece of all Muslims. It caused untold misery. And now the Greek government is prepared to let Muslims slowly start building mosques again in Greece? Is the Turkish government allowing Greeks to establish new Greek Orthodox churches in Turkey? Has the Turkish government finally agreed to open the vital Orthodox seminary in the waters beyond Istanbul?

    I can’t believe this idiocy.

  2. The biggest Church in Orthodox Christianity, the church of Hagia Sophia in the city of Constantinople (present day Istanbul) was turned into a Mosque by the Turks and then into a museum. It remains a museum till this day. The Islamic Turks refuse to allow it to be returned to it’s original function, to serve as a church. One day the Greek army, commanded by a Golden Dawn government, will sweep into Istanbul, rename the city Constantinople and re-open the Orthodox Christian cathedral of Hagia (Saint) Sophia.

  3. As a symbol of friendship, when they get in power, Syriza will erect ONE minaret on the Acropolis….once they legalize all the 1.3 million illegal migrants. Then when they finished bringing their families in, about 10 million of them, they will erect another one and convert half the churches into mosques.

    Bend over. Relax. Accept.

  4. looks like the mozzies as usual just don’t get…
    the Greeks are building them a purpose built bomb shelter… it will be “really really strong”
    its better the Greeks to design & locate it so they know what and who is going there…
    if they build their own, then that’s a prob for the Greeks…
    so, better not let the mozzies know why the Greeks are building it for them or they’ll reject it…

  5. please tell us more, can you really relax when you bend over…
    I hear u guys all bend over at your place of worship at the same time, then some guy blows… really hard and load!!!
    …I think then the sound goes right up through his minaret, which in English means “very little willy”

  6. I don’t even think Greece should allow any mosque in Greece, with or without minarets, but what has Turkey got to do with this? Are the illegals in Greece Turks?

  7. Haha. GD homos commanding an army. They wouldn’t even cross the Maritza.

    I hope they try one day, the Turks will massacre them all and will have done something good for Greece.

    But yes Saint Sophia ought to become a cathedral again.

  8. Golden Dawn is the ONLY political movement which powerfully opposes the Marxist political-media establishments continuous efforts to spread pro-homosexual propaganda to the youth.

    For example Terrence McNally’s play “Corpus Christi”, directed by Albania-born Laertis Vasiliou, which depicted Christ and his Apostles as being homosexuals was prevented from going ahead after Golden Dawn and the Greek Orthodox Christian Church spearheaded massive protests outside the theatre were this blasphemous play was to be held.

    It is worth noting that SYRIZA supported this play, just as they support gay pride parades in Greece. (whats to be proud of?).


    The public prosecutor’s office in Athens has charged the organizers, producers and cast of the play Corpus Christi with blasphemy following a lawsuit filed by Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus. According to the newspaper Ta Nea, Bishop Seraphim was accompanied to court by members of the Golden Dawn party.


  9. I cannot see the relevance of what you write. Jesus, Mohamed, Moses were all gays preaching rubbish. Millions of people have died in history because of these pustis.

    GD had no right to disrupt this. Their members are mostly gay so I cannot understand their problem with the play.

    I want Saint Sophia to become a Cathedral because that was its first use and the ceremonies have a certain beauty, not because I believe in any of this stuff. I also dislike Islam a shade more than I dislike Christianity.

  10. The leader of Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party, Nikos Mihaloliakos, has said during an interview that Istanbul could be restored to Greek control, private broadcaster NTV reported Friday on its website.
    “Is it realistic to ask for Istanbul, where 15 millions Turks live, while there are only 3,000 Rum [Anatolian Greek]?” Greece’s daily Proto Thema asked Golden Dawn leader Nikos Mihaloliakos.
    “Jewish people founded a state on their ancient land in 1948 after centuries had passed. I am not saying that we have to fight with Turks by weapons. However, we should not forget that Hellenism existed in Anatolia, Pontus and Thrace for centuries.Our hearts are with the Queen City [Istanbul]” Mihaloliakos answered.

  11. What lies did Jesus_Mohammed said ? I don’t see anyone ?

    Wasn’t an agreement (the Lausanne Treaty) between Hellas and Turkey in the 1920s which said that all Muslims from Greece with the exceptions of The Muslims from Thrace would be sent to Anatolia and all Orthodox Christians from Turkey with the exception of thoses who were living in Konstantinoupolis would be sent to Greece.

    Now we have respected the part of the deal but the Muslim Turks committed pogroms against the Orthodox Christians from Konstantinoupolis to force them out of Anatolia.

    Now, Turks are even thinking about changing Aghia Sofia into a mosque again and there is the Cyprus problem.

    So NO mosque should be built in Athina and especially for illegals. Period.

  12. It is a well established fact that the Turkish authorities are deliberately channeling hordes of illegal immigrants (mostly muslims) & dumping them on the Greek border and even helping them across. A few months back Greek police tried to prevent illegal immigrants crossing from Turkey into Greece, when the Turkish military trained it’s guns on the Greek police abd threatened to shoot them if they didn’t allow the illegals to cross into Greece. The Turks deliberately try to destabilize Greece by flooding Greece with illegal muslim immigrants.

    “There is no need for us to go to war with Greece. All we have to do is send them a few million people from our part of the world and get rid of them for good” — Turgut Ozal ex Prime Minister of Turkey.

  13. “But yes Saint Sophia ought to become a cathedral again”.

    Of course 😉 After all, it would be like if we Orthodox Christians would try to transform Meca or Medina into a museum and then an Orthodox Church.

    Now for GD, during the Bosnian and Kosovo conflict, many of the guys who took arms and went to military help the Orthodox Serbians were members of GD.

    So most of the core GD members have military and war experiences.

  14. Basically, the exchange of population in the 1920s was based on religion, not on ethnic background. It was a Christian Orthodox/Muslim exchange.
    Orthodox Christians (Greeks) were sent to Greece and Muslims (Turks) were sent to Turkey.
    Greek Constitution of 1827 : “Is Greek the one who is Baptised”.
    Modern Greece is an Hellenic State (most of the inhabitants are Ethnic Greeks) but around 5-10 of our countrymen are Orthodox Turks because of this population exchange which was based on the Religion.

    That’s one of the reasons why Islam has such a bad image in Greece : Because the Islamic Religion is deeply associated with being a Turk.
    And so that’s why some of us are so sensitive regarding mosques eventually being built in Greece.

  15. Disgusting. So you are advocating that people should support people who participated in things like the Srebrenica massacre? These people need to be caught and sent to the Hague. How low can you go man? GD is not a party, it is a collection of ordinary violent criminals.

  16. I picture you homos marching in Eastern Thrace and all I can do is laugh. You should start by reclaiming Macedonia first, 2 million Macedonians and Albanians would kick you up in the butt, imagine what 70million Turks will do to you.

  17. It is not Turkey’s business to look after illegals is it? What do you expect them to do? Feed them in Turkey? Why should Turkey protect the EU’s borders and be lumped with the cost of feeding and sheltering them when it is not a member? Turkey already hosts half a million Syrians and millions of Iraqis, Iranians etc. which is a huge problem.

  18. The Greek government must pay for government restaurants giving free meals for poor Greek children of unemployed Greeks!

  19. People of Greece is starving to death, the People of Greece is dying of hunger, and the government says that it has money to make a mosque for muslims in Greece! People of Greece! Awaken! Aux armes! Aux armes citoyens Grecs! Formez vos bataillons!

  20. People of Greece! It is legal legitimate defense to save the lives of Greek children in Greece!

  21. The Greek Orthodox religion just like the Muslim religion and every other religion created by primitive desert peoples several thousand years ago is nothing but a lot of invention and mumbo-jumbo. The power of religion in the state needs to be abolished. There is no such thing as blasphemy as there is no such thing as Great Big Pixie in the Sky called “God”.

  22. Well said, Dusan. Saint Sophia, like many of the old cathedrals, temples, and mosques of this world, is valuable because of its artistic and architectural beauty as well as its history. Such buildings are not valuable because of some kind of Big Pixie in the Sky lives there.

  23. Exact. But there is also the problem of the Thrace region that many Turks consider is a a “Turkish region occupied by Greece” because most inhabitants in some areas of this region are muslims.

  24. What you have said above, ExposeHypocrisy, is completely true, with regard to history. However, regardless of the fact that the Turks came out of the far east and settled in Asia Minor long long after the Greeks settled there, there is no way now that the Turks will ever give up their occupation of Asia Minor. Most Greeks now accept this.

  25. Enough of your homophobic use of the term “homos”, Dusan. The human race is made up of people who are heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. Get used to it. And stop hating the homosexual part of yourself. No one is completely heterosexual. The man who thinks he is completely heterosexual is a deluded fool, with a great big problem.

  26. No, Adde, your example is false, because the mosques of Mecca and Medina were never Christian. They have always been Muslim. Saint Sophia was established as a Christian church.

  27. I didn’t tell you to support anything, Dusan.
    I was just tolding you that you are underestimating by far the core
    members of GD who aren’t as weak as you seems to think.

    Now for the wars in Bosnia and in Kosova, sending help to the Serbians was a popular decision. The milicia men who went to Serbia had even discret support by the governement.
    After all, during the Balkans war, there were milicia men from Catholic countries who went helping the Croats. Same for Muslims who sent peoples too.

    For the rest, and as far as I am concerned, I indeed support the
    Serbians against Bosniaks (who by the way revived the SS Handshar
    division to kill Serbian civilians in the 1992-1995 war) and also I
    fully support the Serbians against Islamic Albanians (the same islamic
    Albanians who know create troubles in FYROM).

    Ones doesn’t need to support GD to support Serbs, especially when the one in question is Greek.

    After all, the majority of my countrymen were siding with the Serbians
    during theses 2 wars because of Religious solidarity (Serbia is an
    Orthodox country and 96% of us Greeks are Orthodox Christians too) and
    because of historical reasons (Muslims from the Balkans whether they
    were from Croatia, Bosnia or Albanians were allied with the Nazis during
    WWII) while our Grandfathers and the Serbian Grandfathers were fighting
    agains the nazis and the muslims in the Balkans.

    Plus Kosovo is an Orthodox Religion belonging to Serbia so I fully support the Serbians in this conflict.

    NATO General Lewis Mackenzie: We Bombed The Wrong Side – Kosovo’s Independence :


    Now for the Haye, it’s more like a political than anything else (see the last decisions where some big criminal croats were set free in 2nd trial which drew protest of some judges ?). Also why Bush, Cheyney, Blair and others aren’t at the Haye because of what they have done ?

  28. Well said, Adde! The fact that the so-called Patriarch responded with “Liar!” only goes to show how deluded and irrational the Patriarch is! Or he has no memory of history whatsoever!

  29. Patriarch Dimitri Arhondonis, oh, how articulate you are! What wisdom you speak! What respect you deserve!

    Tell me, were you drunk on altar wine when you made the above comment?

  30. I have no problem with sexual choice. I am simply illustrating GD’s contradictions. Homos against homos.

  31. Turkey DESERVES to host ten times as many Syrian refugees as it currently hosts because it is the Turkish government and Turkish army which has flooded Syria with weapons and keeps resupplying the Islamist rebels against Assads secular government. The Syrian civil war would be over by now were it not for open Turkish meddling.

  32. What I wanted to say (sorry for my poor english skills) whas that transforming Aghia Sofia into a mosque (again) would be an outrage as serious as (if we would be occupying Saudi Arabia) if we would try to change Masjid-al Haram and Masjid al-Nabawi into 2 Orthodox Churches.


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