Fans Pour Out For Olympiakos’ Hoop Champs

LIA02_afiksi_olympiakou_printezis.jpgAfter beating Madrid, 100-88 in May 12 in London for its second consecutive Euroleague basketball title, the players of Olympiakos returned to a hero’s welcome at Athens International Airport, with their red-clad fans cheering.

About 3,000 followers of the team set an improvised party at the airport, in which Olympiakos’ players participated as well, calling slogans and recording every moment with cameras and cell phones.

“The President is crazy” was the dominant slogan when George and Panayiotis Angelopoulos raised the trophy, while on top of the bus, where the all-star shooting guard Vassilis Spanoulis appeared first.

The party continued at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, the team’s home base, later. Coach Giorgos Bartzokas became the first Greek to lead a team to the title. It was the third  straight year for a Greek title, with Panathinaikos winning in 2011.


  1. The standing ovation & cheering Looks like a FRACTION of a scene from the 2011 game when Macedonia beat Greece. Ironically, Macedonian born from Skopje played for Macedonia but in this instance he was Greece’s star performer.

  2. Spanoulis was the star. And when We talk about Macedonia we are talking about
    The Hellenic Kingdom of Macedonia who’s kings participated at the
    Olympic Games where only Proven Hellenes were allowed to participate.
    We don’t talk about Titos modern 1940’s impostor communist fabrication which was called Paeonia and Dardania during the Kindgom of Macedonia.


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