Mount Athos Offers Food of the Gods

gourmetGreek snacks, made with organic products from the Aristotelian Mountain and Mount Athos, will be offered to the Athenian public during the gastronomic event Mount Athos Area Gourmet 2013.

It is organized by the Tourism Development Agency for the Area before Athos (Chalkidiki), under the auspices of the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace in Thessaloniki and the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) from May 15-June 15.

The event will focus on local tradition, which wants the people of the Athos region to honor their land at every chance. It will marry this tradition with gourmet creations, always based on local organic products.

The event will offer flavors that highlight the organic products of the region and rich produce; flavors from Asia Minor, ancient, traditional, monastic, Mediterranean and gourmet dishes created by local and celebrity chefs will be included, as reported in Mount Athos Area Organization’s website.

The menu will include gourmet creations, based on organic products from 10 local producers of the region: Greek feta cheese, honey, homemade jams and spoon sweets, omelets with fresh eggs and mushrooms, vegetable pies, marzipans, yoghurt, oil pies and olive breads, pies with yellow and white cheeses from Olympiada, teas from organic herbs from Mount Athos, frumenty soups.

“The 10 local producers, who participate in the organization, will illustrate the color and style of the celebration during the opening ceremony, proving in that way the bond between gastronomy and tourism, as well as the way in which the primary sector can be a form of tourism,” as pointed out in an announcement of the Tourism Development Agency for the Area before Athos.

“The Greek snack and breakfast in the Athos region consist the trade mark of the hospitality of a unique Greek tourist destination, the geographical position of which amazingly alternates 300 km of coastline with three massifs, forming particular ways of life and natural phenomena,” it added.


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