Ryanair Launches Domestic Services in Greece

ryanairRyanair launched domestic services in Greece, with Tuesday’s first flight between Chania,Crete and Thessaloniki.
The low-cost carrier said it could be the first of many inter-Greek routes if the government accepts Ryanair’s tourism rescue plan.

The airline said it carried more than two million passengers to and from Greece in less than three years, and will operate 85 routes from 10 Greek airports—including the new Kalamata and Zakynthos airports—this summer, supporting up to 1,400 Greek jobs.

However, it pointed out that other Greek airports, including Athens, were continuing to miss out on potential traffic growth and associated jobs because their operators “refused to engage with Ryanair,” the airline said in statement. It pointed out that passenger traffic through the Athens gateway had dropped 22% from 16.4 million in 2008 to 12.8 million in 2012, “its lowest figure in a decade,” according to the airline.
Ryanair recently presented Greek Transport Minister Kostas Chatzidakis with a tourism rescue plan that could see Ryanair grow its Greek traffic to 10 million passengers a year by 2016.
(source: atwonline)



  1. If the Athens airport reduced it’s landing fees, it would have a lot more flights coming. That, plus the price of things, in comparison to neighbouring countries , especially 23% tax at restaurants, puts the travellers off coming here, for starters. and secondly, those who are brave enough to come, run into strikes etc, which means they can’t see the Acropolis, or go the the islands. So we have no one to blame, but ourselves. Try 2 months [July and August] cutting taxes at restaurants, petrol, and landing rates. then compare with last year. Greece, in my opinion, is going the wrong way round, to get more coppers in the tax purse, so as to please the Troika.

  2. Aggeliki, unfortunately, we have st-up-id ministers in our government with no background to anything other than looting its wealth while sitting in their as-sess…That is their task in the government…

  3. All I can say is that Greece is governed by a bunch of traitors there interest is how to remain in pwer for as long as it takes while looting its wealth to the last dime…The issue is that Greeks do still believe in them…What a stu-pid population Greeks are…

  4. Maverick. you forget one thing, we are not governing ourselves, but are being governed by the famous and stupid ‘Troika”, who, after 3 memorandums, with knife held at throat to sign now immediately, have realised they made a mistake in the beginning. don’t forget tho’ what we have to loose, as a nation, if our payments aren’t on time. and it is not 3 years, it’s 5 going on 6.[not for you Maverick, but for others reading the article]. so o.k. we have elections., and Syriza gets in, which is made up of quite a % of ex-pasok’ers – the real goodies, didn’t pinch a thing. all the corruption is happening now. syriza won’t have enough m.p’s, to become govt, so it will be another coalition one. who will they work with????????????


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