Anonymous Warn Greek Government of Cyber-Attack After ERT’s Shutdown (video)

    GreekAnonymousHacktivist group Anonymous posted a video on YouTube warning the Greek government of their intention to launch a cyber-attack on state websites beginning on June 15th in retaliation to the shutdown of public broadcaster ERT and the dismissal of more than 2,650 employees.
    “The Greek government continues its tactics to dismiss people who have children. This is unacceptable” stated the Guy Fawkes-masked figure in the Anonymous YouTube video.
    “You must know that now you are our goal” adds the video and warns of a cyber-attack on June 15.
    The video concludes by stating that “we will not forgive nor forget, expect us Greek government”.

    (source: euronews)



    1. LOL! What are they going to do? Hack their way to the Greek riches? Break down the burro’cracy? It’s already broken.

      Self important little twinks. LOL!

    2. Come on people–get over it! This is what you call progress. Real progress. The moves were made toward sustainable improvements overall, not the same old BS practices which have brought the state down for the past 60 years.

      Let’s face it. ERT was a state-run entity with 7 times the employees it needed to function. It cost at least 3 times the budget it needed. It was a PASOK dinosaur which had admitted Byzantine practices with no transparency. It had become the epitome of Greek government waste and a colossal drag on our national budget. We had been paying for this white elephant out of our electric bills for too long.

      Do you really believe the Greek people will not have their “voice of the culture” when ERT returns in 2 months more streamlined and efficient? 5000 years of history will never be denied its people, so quit making this into some “junta” propaganda rhetoric the Greek people so love and wish to sustain. It’s called “restructuring” in the business world, with an emphasis on future profitability and sustainability.

      Thank goodness we are starting to see real change and the political will to not back up into the past. Those 1/3 employees who will be reinstated in the new ERT will be let back in through their worth to the network–not simply by cronyism and nepotism which built the laughable chimera in the first place.

      Yeah there will be some who, out of their own self-interest, will not like the changes–but that’s progress. And without it our children will not even have a state to complain about. Wake up and smell the coffee, Greece–its formidable change. We can simply not go on borrowing Euros to pay for unnecessary salaries and then asking for more hand-outs. The world runs on profit and productivity. Let’s get there through change.


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