Greece Forgot To Register NERIT.GR

    internet_537_355The closed-down national broadcaster ERT is set to reopen by the end of August udner a new name, NERIT, but someone in the government apparently forgot to register the domain name.

    NERIT is the acronym for the New Hellenic Radio Internet and TV and its domain name was supposed to be but it was not registered, according to because of the rush to reestablish the agency.

    It turns out it’s too late to take the name as according to the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology, the domain was registered on June 13 not by the government but by an unidentified individual. It was not known if that was a preemptive move to prevent the government from seizing the Internet name.

    XanthiPress said that it’s possible that the domain squatter wants to resell the name back to the government for a profit. The government tried to take the domain name later on June 13 only to find that it was taken.



    1. some one leaked the name and a friend or relation bought it. The govt MUST not take this lying down

    2. please visit the site and see that no one did it to gain profit! a very known site did it so that they annoy the Greek Government and that is why they live-broadcasting the program of ERT!! Also they write: please try (pizzeria which closed) because they want to make fun the fact that Antonis Samaras opened a pizzeria in USA when he was living there but he didn’t managed well with the finances and it closed. The booked the domain after the government announced about the creation of NERIT!! Our government is stupid and they prove one more time


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