Anonymous Attacked Parliament Data

    anonymousFrom the first moment the Greek government announced the shutdown of ERT, the loosely associated network of hacktivists, Anonymous, warned that Greece is now their target. On June 13, they hacked into the Athens Court website.

    It seems though that they had prepared something of a grander scale, namely to attack the Greek Parliament, which if carried out, would be the largest cyber attack Greece has ever received. The attack on the Greek Parliament was supposed to have been made on June 13 in sympathy with the layoffs and ERT’s shutdown.

    According to SecNews, along with the attack there was also data leakage, since the aim was all the information system of the Parliament. The exact details of the cyber attack were shipped via anonymous e-mail with a blind sender and were posted on the website of Anonymous abroad, where they noted the reasons that spurred them to do this.

    According to SecNews, the Anonymous hacktivists attacked servers that are responsible for the management of all network users of the Parliament (username and password), among which the codes of all MP’s, active or not. So they have a full list of all usernames that are used to access the computers of the Parliament, even the prime minister’s and Evangelos Venizelos’.


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