Tax Immunity For Troika Envoys

9DDE77006D027A1BBD86DF0378CC135FWhile they are insisting on austerity measures including big tax hikes for Greeks, the 28 representatives of the country’s international lenders known as the Troika, who have settled in Greece as watchdogs over the country’s lagging reforms, are exempt from filing taxes and declarations of their income.

Authorities said the envoys, although living in Greece while during their duty for the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) come under a tax code which does the country’s tax laws do not apply to any “natural person working in an institution of the EU or in an International Organization who has settled in Greece under an international treaty applied by Greece.”



  1. No taxes for the TROIKA pigs??? Time to BRING DOWN this rotten decayed old “House of Tricksters” from PSOK & ND and TROIKA Bankers and bring Greece back to it’s former Glory and Pride again..!
    GET RID of these old Political Criminals and bring these Scum to Justice!!!
    — On 1st October there will be a million man march on Parliament to demand all these crooks resignations!

  2. for anyone still confused about where GERMANTOSOLIA nazi alex’s true colors lie. those poor german banks who apparently were forced to lend money they made money on then got bailed out when their bets went sour. privatize profits socialize losses the mantra of banker facsist puppets like Alex. boo hoo hoo cry me a river you traitor

    “Alex • 24 minutes ago

    You mean the German banks that were robbed (EMPHASIS ADDED) blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?”

    Alex • 2 hours ago

    Of course defaulting is a matter of morality you idiot.


    Right comrade. I am a “Nazi” for stating the morally obvious. We are the ones that stole money from the Germans.

    11:46 p.m., Thursday June 20


    You mean the German banks that were robbed blind by thieving leftists like you that constantly shamelessly demand handouts from others?

    11:24 p.m., Thursday June 20″

  3. So let me get this straight, every single person who lives more then 185 days in Greece is subject to Greek taxes, but these people are special? And I’m suppose to do what? Voluntarily bend over for the same rules they are immune too?

    Only the in the banana organization known as the European Union can come up with that.

  4. Hey you didn’t say OUTRAGIOUS and THIEVS AND LIARS.

    On the other hand, I fail to see how the anti-hellenic communist Syriza you support are going to give Greece former Glory and pride.

  5. (Yawning)

    Ah. look. The far left basket case that also slanders the EU and US as “fascist” is too lazy to type out his own posts so he just cut and pastes the same thing over and over again.

    As I said troll, If you can’t be bothered to say anything new, I’ll cut and paste as a response to you too.

    What you bizarrely think is a point against me is a point for me you imbecile. We did indeed rob the Germans (and others). Unfortunately shameless slanderous far leftist parasites like you can only think how to suck back the money of others. No concern for what you yourself produce. Everyone else is to blame for your personal economic problems… except you yourself.

    (Nice video of treasonous communist Syriza MP lobbying for Skopians – also see Greek civil war where our communists eventually ended up massacred Greeks for IMRO)

  6. Yes, you have it straight. As American Express used to say, “membership has it’s privileges.” Don’t forget the golden rule, “he who has the gold makes the rules”. Far be it from the stooges running the government to seriously challenge their foreign masters in fear of the foreign funds (about all that’s propping up the country now) coming to an abrupt halt.

  7. Stooges is a bit harsh…to the Stooges! LOL!

    If these guys had a plan where they stole all the money they can from the EU masters while developing a long term strategy to bring jobs and prosperity to Greece, then tell them to shove it, I would celebrate them. From what I see, all they are doing is reacting to this, that and the other, without a plan or a vision.

    On the other hand, we have tweedle crazy and tweedle nuts as alternatives. So we complain and suffer, but without a replacement in sight. It’s the best from a range of semi competent to miserable.

    As for the EU, I don’t mind that, but we should of kept the drachma so we could devaluate and have a competitive advantage. Right now, we have the Euro, which will be devastatingly difficult to get rid of AND a miserable economy. AND no competitive advantage. Basically, we did EVERYTHING wrong in EVERY way.


  8. 1st October??? OK, I’ll be there. And For Nationwide…. Everyone go to EVERY Greek Town Hall/Government Office. Is it not time??????


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