One in Five Greek Households Below Poverty Line

FTOXEIA(1)_533_355One in five households (20 percent) in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Croatia lives below the poverty line, which means that with social welfare included, it cannot manage to have disposable income equal or more than 60 percent of the average income in its country.

According to a European Commission announcement published on July 17 concerning the social situation, 16 percent of households in the EU live below the poverty line. The smaller percentages of relatively poor households are in the Czech Republic and the Netherlands and are a little under 10 percent.

According to the same announcement, citizens with a low level of education, in Greece and the rest of Europe, are those more exposed to the danger of poverty.

In Greece, based on official data, of individuals with low education 29,6 percent are poor (the corresponding EU average is at 24,2 percent), 19,7 percent with middle education (the corresponding EU average is 14 percent) and 7,3 percent of individuals with high education (the corresponding EU average is 7,1 percent).

As reported in the announcement, Greece and Cyprus are the only country members of the EU, where the number of men attending higher education is larger than the equivalent number of women.


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    SYRIZA will nationalize the banks and give it to the poor. Tsipras will create one million new governmemt jobs and hire all the poor and immigrants. Tsipras will bring social justice to the poor, immigrants and flowers. Tspras will bring justice to the criminal politicians and ban all the racist parties and those who don’t coperate. The only true leader is Tsipras.

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    For Tsipras to hire and pay for a million new positions Greece would have to revert back to the drahma. According to the World Bank and many economists, if Greece were to go back to the drahma the standard of living of all Greek citizens would be cut in half.


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