U.S. Treasury Chief Lew Backs Greece

liou_stournaras_533_355Meeting with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in Athens on July 21, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew gave America’s support for the crushing austerity measures that have impoverished the lives of many but which political leaders said are necessary to save the country from years of wild overspending by the ruling parties.

Lew first met with Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras and soon after that with Samaras at the Acropolis Museum for a walking tour-and-talk.

Samaras expressed his joy over welcoming the US Treasury Secretary in “the place where democracy was born, under the Acropolis, which symbolizes the struggle of people to free themselves from fear and tyranny so as to achieve harmony in their relationships and prosperity in their lives.”

Samaras added: “Our discussion focused on the financial development as well as the stability of the economy. “On his part, Lew said that “we recognize the difficult decisions taken by Greece within the past few years” while highlighting  that “Greece has a tough road towards recovery.”

Samaras is due to visit the United States and meet President Barack Obama on Aug. 8. The U.S. is keen on making sure Greece stays in the Eurozone at all costs so that there are no ripple effects that would upset Wall Street and American banks.


  1. I’m surprised US Secretary Lews didn’t ask “where the 250 million Euros went” that ND & PASOK parties got in “bogus” loans from their banker cronies that ND & PASOK has never paid back! — We can see the PRESS or Justice isn’t asking, that’s for sure– what a bad joke on the Greek People!

  2. Of course Lew didn’t ask where the money is, Mr. Lew is a criminal too. He worked at Citibank in charge of a fund that bet on the US housing market crashing. When it did crash, Lew rcvd. a $1million bonus and a job in the Obama admin.


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