Immigrant Died in Boat Sinking

skafos_limenikoy_0According to Greek authorities, a man died when a small boat crammed with immigrants sank while trying to enter Greece. The coastguard stated that the victim was found unconscious at sea on the morning of July 25 off the islet of Oinousses in the eastern Aegean Sea and passed away shortly later.

According to the coastguard, the other 45 immigrants on board, who had crossed over from Turkey, survived and are in good health. They identified themselves as Syrian, Cameroonian and Afghan nationals.

A search and rescue operation is ongoing off the island of Kos, to the south of Oinousses, with rescuers searching for another 12 immigrants who are reportedly lost at sea, according to a Syrian man who said he was with 12 other people when the boat sank.



  1. They are not immigrants they are economic migrants! get your vocabulary right!! Immigrants are people who apply to stay in a country legally not coming through the back door!

  2. What is wrong with these people? Don’t they get it? Greece has so many problems and and they know it yet they keep on coming. They don’t give a crap. Once in Greece they start demanding mosques and rights. They are not welcome or wanted but they don’t care. Stay in Turkey where you can bow down and pray as much as you like.

  3. Ibid:
    They are the same as anyone else looking for a better life. Greece may have issues but it is still a lot better than what they are risking everything escaping from.

    So what if most of them have a different religion to you. That isn’t a reason to be insulting. Greece is one of the most monoethnic countres in the EU, go and visit London or Amsterdam if you want to see how a mix of people can get on.

    You could argue that highly motivated people are exactly what Greece needs, those risking everything are not going to sit around doing nothing if they have a chance to work.


  4. Their problems are their own, not ours. If you care so much go to their country and help them. We have 1,380,000 unemployed Greeks, we don’t need or want another million people begging and dying on our streets.

    Put you big mouth where it will do some good. Go to their country and tell them how to run their lives and their country. We don’t need your pseudo moralism on how to run ours.

    Amazing how every twizzle takes his finger out of his nose long enough to give an opinion on how someone else should do or act but never does anything themselves.

  5. As a matter of fact I have lived in both Greece and the Middle East area and there is no need to be insulting. I’m beginning to think this website is a Golden Dawn outpost.

    Greece could be a great country if the ‘locals’ got their finger out and sorted out the corruption in business, taxation and the elected government instead of just complaining and asking for EU bailouts.. You could start with a certain list of offshore bank accounts which was given to Greece over a year ago.

    You might also wish to reconsider your comment about running the country, your last few governments haven’t been very impressive in that respect.

    I like Greece and have invested a lot of personal capital, not just financial, in the place over the years. The current situation is payback for mismanagement in the past, the people at the top of government and industry are most to blame but others cannot avoid responsibility for letting it happen by paying the bribes etc. The real problem now is the people at the top are not the ones paying the price of the correction, everyone else is.

  6. Are you brain dead or something? Have you been to downtown Athens lately? If not, then STFU because it’s easy to talk from a distance.

  7. Yes I have been downtown Athens recently. I was also in Bradford in the 1980s but that was probably before your time.

  8. Yes, you went to downtown Athens, and then you got on your plane and went back to your nice home. How simply charming.

    Before my time? Trying to be funny are we? Hahahaha, I haved lived long enough and hard enough to know crap when I see it. I’ll give you a clue. I was a child during the rule of the generals in Greece. Now kindly attend to your own business before butting in the affairs of others.

  9. But it is my business, you don’t know me and cannot judge. We do disagree on many points, that I think we can agree on.

    At least I don’t celebrate the misfortune and death of others, with the possible exception of Maggie Thatcher.

  10. Like every other kafenio pseudo moralist, you admitted your true colors.

    You celebrated a death of an actual person but have the tiny little nuts to come here and judge us.

    You have been judged and you have been found to be a pseudo moralistic skoupidaki. Now get lost.

  11. /me yawns.

    Funny how these discussions turn into insults. Instead of dealing with issues at source, in this case how Greece got so screwed up in the first case, it is so much easier to point the finger of blame at foreigners who never had anything to do with it and in this case ended up drowning.

    Doesn’t fix things though and the continual racism just damages your tourist industry. Greece doecn’t have a large high technology industry and relies on mostly unprocessed exports without a lot of value add so tourism is important. There is only a limited amount of money coming from shipping. Don’t rely on remittences to keep the economy afloat either this isn’t the Philippines.

    So how are you going to fix things? I’ve not seen anything coming out of GD which convinces me they have a workable solution.

    Of course you could go and pick peaches in the North of Greece for almost no money like the Albanians do every summer, that would reduce outbound cash flow, or you could encourage them to stay and spend their money locally.

    Or you could welcome foreign workers and encourage them to work hard and set up businesses thereby improving tax revenues.

  12. Like the man said, shoo. It’s foreigners, whether it be Euroasses or illegals, who make things worse.

  13. Shoo yourself, go and do something constructive for a change.

    Fortunately I don’t have to do what you tell me.

    It is my experience that the vast majority of Greeks are nice and kind people unfortunately like everywhere else there are a few arseholes to spoil things.

  14. The real arseholes are the outsiders who stick their noses in where it doesn’ belong. The real arseholes are the patronising prats who think Greeks are children and need to be told what to do. You’ll find most Greeks are like me. Sick and tired of being told what to do by some so called ‘power’. Whether it’s the English, The French, The Americans, or even the Eurosasses. If you feel for these boat people, take them in yourself.Typical, what do you expect from someone from a colonising country. Take your opinion to someone who gives a crap malakismeno koloenglezo. Den gamisese lego ego.

  15. /me yawns again

    Insults rather than taking responsibility, thankfully you are in the minority and most people are doing something without blaming the foreigner for their woes.

  16. You know what’s worse than these illegal boat foreigners. Foreigners like you with your high opinions of yourselves. India used to be a paradise before your lot forced your ways on it. Now India is the world’s largest sewer. Sure we’ll take advice from the English.

    Lots of yawning. You sleepy of just plain bored? Maybe you need a cup of tea and an afternoon nap. Run along there. The grownups are talking.


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