Mt. Athos Monks Battle Police Over Eviction

    An earlier clash between the Mt. Athos monks and police
    An earlier clash between the Mt. Athos monks and police

    Angry monks at the Esphigmenou Monastery in the monastic community of Mount Athos in northern Greece, refusing to obey an eviction order, tossed Molotov Cocktails and rocks at bailiffs attempting to serve them on July 29, chasing them off the premises of the famed peninsula.

    “The monks of Esphigmenou Monastery who are in the residential quarters and are in a defense position to defend it, threw some objects from inside out. We are expecting the intervention of the prosecutor from Thessaloniki. We are expecting the police to offer a political peaceful and calm solution, otherwise things will happen that will blacken Greece’s image abroad,” a spokesperson for the rebel monks, Iraklis Moraitis, told the state-run Athens-Macedonia New Agency.

    The monks of Esphigmenou Monastery have been declared an illegal brotherhood by the spiritual leader of the Greek Orthodox Church, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomeos, over a dispute regarding improving ties with the Catholic Church, which the monks vehemently oppose.

    In 2002 Bartholomeos ordered their eviction from the 10th-Century Mount Athos monastery but they refused to obey.  Moraitis said that the eviction order delivered to them last week was aimed at having them vacate the premises so that the management of the monastic community can get its hands on the monastery’s assets.

    The Church doesn’t recognize the position of those inside the monastery as monks and a war of words has lingered for years between the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church and the ultra-Orthodox self-styled monks inside the monastery.


    1. Their monastery belongs to them.

      This is purely a method of the Patriarch of Constantinople for its own ecumenical endeavor to penetrate the hardened anti-Latin (anti-Catholic, anti-Roman) Greek Orthodox monks who stand for the older attitude of the Eastern Orthodox.

      Moreover, I am for reunion with the Eastern Orthodox churches, but not by the Greek police and judges by a Greek Patriarch in Istanbul.

      Let them.

    2. It seems the Greek Government has taken a page out of the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) and tried to bulldozer the property of Esphigmenou Monastery. Like the Israeli’s who want to evict Palestinians off thier lands, the Greek’s are trying to “rid” themselves of these defenseless and down trodden monks from the only home they know. With disproportionate brute force, the Greek government used a bulldozed to try to “evict” the Esphigmenou Monks. See video:

    3. Yeah and your Golden Dawn scum will fail. Greece will end up like Yugoslavia which got bombed. Golden Dawn and their fat dumb leader Michaloliakos will fail. They will be sent to hell where they belong.

    4. Many Volunteer Brigades are being formed which will be sent to Greece to help protect the European Nationalist Uprising.

      Don’t forget about Syria, Hezbollah, Russia, Hungary and other places which are allied with GD.

    5. Who are you Mr. Mark to comment on Greek politics? You are not even Greek? You must be a left communist guerilla barbarian.

    6. Konstantine,

      Den kseris kala tin pisti tin sosti. Ase tis vlakies ke psakse poli kala tin Orthodoxia. O Theos na se fotisi.

    7. The church that Bartholemew heads has been betrayed by him. He is not a true soldier of Christ. Everyone who is a true Orthodox Christian knows that. He must leave the monks alone. They have been there for over 1000 years. The Patriarcade has no business in Mt. Athos. Mr. Bartholemew is not fit to be the Patriarch of Constantinople. He has betrayed Jesus Christ and the true Church of Christ. He is Anaxios!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Kai esena. O theos na sou thinei thynami kai phos.
      Kostantinos twn Ellinwn Axiotatos.

    9. I am a leftist but a moderate. But what about you are you a fascist Golden Dawn barbarian?


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